Cleaning fan reveals handy hack to get your cutlery sparkling every time & all you need is tin foil

CUTLERY can be hard to clean at the best of times, especially when food can still end up caked on your crockery.

However, one woman’s hack might save you an extra scrub of your knives.

Carolina Mccauley, a mum-of-two from Australia, shared her genius hack on TikTok to get sparkling results every time you use your dishwasher.

All you need is a bit of tin foil.

She places a golf-ball sized ball of foil in the cutlery tray, then puts everything in and washes on a normal setting.

Carolina says: “This dishwasher hack will leave your silverware sparkling.”

The polished finish is all down to the chemical reaction that occurs between the aluminium foil and the ingredients used in the dishwasher tablet.

When the dishwasher tablet dissolves it reacts with the metal and works even harder to clear up any dirt left on the cutlery.

The video has been watched over 83,700 times and amassed over 6,100 likes.

People flocked to the comments, mesmerised by the science behind the hack.

One user wrote: “Wow. Will have to try this I’m so sick of my silverware not looking clean.”

Another commented: “Why it could work: There’s a hack to clean tarnished silverware by boiling baking soda with aluminium foil and soaking.”

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