Couple aged 22 completely overhaul dated bungalow all by themselves to create stunning first home

MOVING into a new home can be stressful enough, but one couple had a huge renovation project on their hands when they snapped up a disused bungalow that had been empty for four years.

First time buyers Kate and Paul were just 22 when they snapped up their house during the pandemic and it's since undergone a huge makeover taking it from a dated bungalow to a stylish and modern first home.

In a video shared on TikTok, Kate revealed that every room in the bungalow had to be completely overhauled, with even the bungalow's exterior needing work.

It came with old-fashioned carpets and fireplaces, dull tiles in need of replacing in the bathroom and a dated kitchen that needed to be completely ripped apart.

In her transformation video, Kate shared before pictures and clips of the renovation process, before wowing others with snaps of the finished room.

Gone were the mismatched carpets and tired-looking furniture, with the couple brightening up their home with fresh white paint, chic panelling on the walls and on-trend monochrome furnishings.

The couple have shared more before and after pictures of their home on their Instagram page, where Kate revealed how the pair came across the empty bungalow in the first place.

She revealed that a neighbour had mentioned the bungalow had been empty for years and was in need of new owners and some TLC.

"We were so excited thinking that we could maybe buy it from the council for £1 (you hear about those stories right)… but we were running before we could walk and the first step was of course to knock on our neighbour's door," Kate said.

The couple, however, faced a setback when they find out the valuation of the bungalow and the bank wouldn't lend them enough money to purchase the property.

After going back and forth with the bungalow's previous owner, the couple eventually managed to secure the place for themselves – with Kate revealing they had been saving since they were 18 for their own place and after setting up ISAs. She didn't confirm how much they had bought the property for.

Revealing the extent of the renovations so far, Kate explained that the pair had ripped everything out of the bungalow and stripped it bare to start from scratch.

"We then had our central heating installed, had a rewire and new windows, then it would be plastering, kitchen, bathroom and final touches," she said.

Fellow DIY fans were floored by their before and after video, with thousands commenting on Kate's latest TikTok video.

One person commented: "You guys should be so proud of yourselves it looks incredible, well done."

"MAAM MY JAW DROPPED," posted another, while one more said: "OMG IT'S MY DREAM HOUSE SOOOO NICE."

A fourth wrote: "Both of you are incredibly intelligent to be doing doing this at 22 yrs of age! It looks amazing! Wow."

"Oh my gosh, this is so amazing," added another. "I was not expecting that great of a transformation."

One person was seen quizzing the couple how much they had spent on their renovations so far.

Reluctant to give an exact figure, Kate replied: "I usually don't like giving exact costs because we got good discount on some things and probably paid more than average price for others!

"But all in all, this cost us around £35k (maybe a bit more) but that was everything renewed – electrics, plumbing, heating, kitchen, new roof, plaster etc."

Although, she does have an eye for a bargain and swears by Facebook Marketplace for picking up budget-friendly furniture and decor, including a £30 sofa and a drum table base for £50.

Kate's key piece of advice is to persevere when it comes to trawling through Facebook for furniture finds.

She revealed on Instagram: "So many people take one look at FB marketplace and think what a load of old toot. You're not always going to find what you're after straight away.

"I make a habit of frequently refreshing it whenever I'm on FB."

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