Cult Gaia Is Introducing a Line of Artful Sunglasses

For founder and creative director Jasmin Larian, the world of Cult Gaia was always meant to expand beyond the initial virality of flower crowns and arc-shaped bags. Nearly a decade after conception, the brand has amassed a cult following and established itself a fan favorite in the handbag, footwear, and ready-to-wear sectors. So for Larian, eyewear was the logical next step.

“I always knew we’d launch glasses,” Larian tells about the new line. “Sunglasses are an accessory that has no season and is appropriate for any occasion. This collection is classic but also offers our customer that It factor that she looks for in our products.”

The collection offers three styles—the Hera, Katka, and Meira—all of which have their own distinct personalities while staying true to the brand’s core design aesthetic. Each name is also a nod to the brand’s roots in Grecian history (Gaia is the Greek goddess mother of Earth and daughter of Chaos). The Hera style features a sleek rectangular frame, while the Meira is made with a square silhouette and rounded edges. But for those looking for something completely different, the Katka sunglasses have an oval cat-eye shape that lends a mod feel.

The pairs are available in muted shades of mint green, orange, and off-white to align with the brand’s spring/summer 2021 mood board and the popular color trends of the season. If you’re ready to shop the brand’s new collection in full, each pair is priced at either $228 or $278, and available now on the brand’s website.

To accompany the new collection of sunglasses, Larian and her team also designed an assortment of eyewear straps. Customers have their choice of minimal chain-link styles and bulbous iterations, both of which add a little something extra to the already stunning eye pieces.

Designing everything with its targeted customer or “Gaia muse” in mind, the brand possesses a certain je ne sais quoi that’s almost instantly recognizable across all categories. But if you ask the designer, at the heart of Cult Gaia’s brand DNA is its knack for bringing art to life through its collections. A prime example is the knitted Serita dress from the brand’s spring 2020 lineup, which was worn by stars like Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and was dubbed the “unofficial dress of summer” by soon after.

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Larian calls the dress the brand’s new “North Star;” because the design is so distinctly Cult Gaia, it allows customers who align with that aesthetic to find them—and vice versa, further speaking to the brand’s strong sense of identity.

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