Forgot Botox! This simple ‘diagonal’ concealer trick could instantly make you look ten years younger

SIXTY per cent of women say lockdown has aged them, according to research by Boots’ No7.

But a TikTok trend shows that applying concealer in a diagonal line from the corner of the eye can take years off.

Siobhan O’Connor enlisted model Kate Woodhouse, who is in her fifties, to try it, and reveals some other anti-ageing beauty hacks.

Conceal upward

TYPICALLY, when applying concealer, we paint upside down triangles under our eyes and blobs on any blemishes.

But a viral TikTok video – now viewed more than 13million times – claims that for an age-reversing facelift, concealer should be applied to the crease of the nose, corners of eyes and corner of mouth, as well as a line up along the cheekbone.

These areas are where skin starts to sag so applying concealer in upwards strokes is said to give the illusion of a mini facelift.

Do the same for bronzer along, rather than below, your cheekbone.

Blending upwards will lift the face, giving the illusion of tighter skin.

Avoid rubbing anything in below your cheekbones as this will drag the face down.

Look for concealers two shades lighter than your skin-tone to emphasise sculpting effect.

Fluidity concealer, £10, Morphe at Boots.

Line your lashes

LIKE hair, eyelashes can turn grey as hair follicles produce less melanin as we get older.

Try “tightlining” your eyes to make them appear fuller.

Mac Cosmetics national artistry manager Sharryn Hinchcliffe says: “Use a waterproof eyeliner in the upper waterline to add ­definition and thicken the appearance of your lashes

“The shape you create is equally as important and everything should always ­follow an upward trajectory.

“Use an eyelash curler and focus specifically on the outer corners. Lifting your eyes will lift the rest of your face.”

Waterproof eyeliner, £3.99, Barry M at Superdrug.

Magic lip lines

AS we age, our lips can look deflated and ­dehydrated no matter how much balm we apply

For quick fix volume over-line the top lip to make it appear fuller and then take a darker lip liner and apply three lines on both lips, this creates volume by adding shadow and depth before you add your lipstick.

Sharryn adds: “Add a light-reflecting product like highlighter to the centre of the bottom lip and top lip.

"As the light bounces off the glass-like texture, it will give the illusion of bigger lips.”

Touch up with concealer around the top lip and bronzer under the bottom

This will give a shadow, creating the impression of volume.

Contour chin

THANKS to Zoom “chin cam”, bookings for jawline augmentation treatments have rocket by 100 per cent, according to Dr Angelica Kavouni’s ­Harley Street clinic Ion Kavouni.

But there is a make-up trick to disguise double chins that even pop star Rihanna swears by.

During a ten-minute make-up video guide, the 33-year-old singer revealed she contours under her chin.

She applies a ­contour stick under her jawline in a triangle shape, which she blends out towards the neck.

This gives the illusion of a shadow to create definition.

Milk Makeup bronzer, £23,

Fill in creases

WHEN it comes to tackling smile lines, glabellar lines and crow’s feet, there’s no need to splash out on Botox. Fill them in, instead.

Start your make-up process with a blurring primer before you apply a liquid foundation.

This will cover creases and minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

Once your cover-up has been added, you can tackle lip lines, scarring and other ageing signs with Trinny London’s miracle blur (£26,

Founder Trinny Woodall claims it’s just like using Polyfilla on walls.

Foundation application

DEWY skin is the key to looking youthful, so chuck out the compact powders.

Sebum production, which gives the skin moisture, slows down from around 40.

Adding powder will only make the skin look dryer.

Switch to a liquid foundation and apply with a damp sponge.

Lightly tap a translucent powder on the T-zone to combat oiliness and large pores.

Add highlighter to cheekbones, either side of the nose bone and Cupid’s bow to give spots for the light to bounce off for a youthful glow.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation with SPF and hyaluronic acid, £9.99,

Baking soda on teeth

CELEBRITY stylist Gemma Sheppard from Channel 5 makeover show 10 Years Younger In 10 Days, believes teeth make a big difference.

She says: “They are a really big ageing factor.

“It’s not that I dream of day-glo teeth, but your teeth should be the colour of the whites of your eyes, so work on getting them that colour.

“To make teeth shine, give them a deep clean – and to make them sparkle, go a step further than usual.

“Using floss can have a loofah-like effect on the teeth and give you the feeling of having them scrubbed professionally.

“For a squeaky-clean feeling, sprinkle baking soda or charcoal powder from the chemist on your brush, no more than weekly.

“The effects, especially for smokers or coffee fans, can be youth-enhancing.”

Shimmer shadow in corner of eye

STRICTLY TV make-up artist Lisa ­Armstrong says bright eyes and a red pout are the key to looking younger.

Lisa explains: “While the eyes may be the window to your soul, when they look tired they are the main culprit to ageing you.

“But there’s a quick trick that will instantly inject life to your lids – and that is applying a light, shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners.

“We often focus on concealing our dark, under-eye circles, but dabbing a highlighter hue to the corners will instantly make you look refreshed and well-rested.

“Apply a shimmery shade to cheekbones and under eyebrows, too.

“When it comes to the lips, red is the shade that suits most skin tones and all ages, so don’t hold back.

“Bold red attracts attention to your smile, enhances the natural blush in your cheeks and gives you the inner ­confidence to conquer anything.”

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