‘Foul’ bride slammed for 'romanticising mass death' after throwing Titanic-themed wedding

IT'S not unheard of to be inspired by a romantic movie or story which then goes on to form the theme of your wedding day.

But a bride and groom have come under fire for their Titanic-themed day, with many highlighting the deaths associated with the widely-known tragedy.

A snap of the newlyweds was shared in a wedding shaming Facebook group which showed them posing on a DIY prop resembling the famous ship.

The couple was perched up on the ships's bow arm in arm, reminiscent of the 1997 film starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

While the James Cameron movie highlighted the romance between the two characters, Jack and Rose, the film was actually about the ship sinking in 1912 – which killed more than 1,500 people.

For this reason, people found the wedding theme distasteful, according to Mail Online, with one even calling it "foul."

The photo looks to have been originally shared by the bride's aunt who bragged about making the photo prop herself – with help from who husband who built the frame.

The caption read: "My niece got married this past weekend in a Titanic themed wedding. She badly wanted a photo prop for her reception so my husband accepted the challenge.

"He built the frame and I painted it. Such a fun project I had to share. It was a beautiful day and she was thrilled."

"This really p***** me off,' wrote one. "My dad's great uncle was a 15 year old stoker on that damn boat who died a terrifying death. This is NOT ROMANTIC!! What’s next? Pompeii themed ceremonies."

While a second added: "I blame that stupid movie for making a terrible tragedy that killed 1500 people into a romantic story."

I blame that stupid movie for making a terrible tragedy that killed 1500 people into a romantic story.

Another wrote: "No. No. No. No. Do NOT romanticize mass death people."

And a third said: "The movie was still about the actual event so idc what they were trying to mimic it's in bad taste. That's just foul. What is wrong with people."

But it seems this couple aren't alone in seeing the Titanic as romantic, as one person pointed out.

"I used to work at a Titanic museum and the amount of people who wanted to get married/engaged on the staircase was wild," they revealed.

But some argued that so much time has passed since the tragedy that it was ok to see the film as romantic.

"It's clearly based upon the film and a ship which was a romantic place?" said one.

While another argued that the Titanic ship was the "pinnacle of luxury and romance" at the time.

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