Harry Styles' New Haircut Is Sending Fans Into a Frenzy

Nothing gets Internet stans quite as excited as their favorite celebs debuting a new haircut, and Harry Styles’ loyal followers are no exception.

After months of rocking long curly locks (and a much-talked-about mustache) during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 26-year-old singer was spotted out in Los Angeles over the weekend with noticeably shorter hair.

Several people posted photos with Styles on social media — and fans were quick point out that his new ‘do is reminiscent of the choppy, short-on-the-sides, longer-on-top haircut he rocked in the 2017 war film Dunkirk.

"all the dunkirk harry stans are freaking out right now i just know it," one person tweeted alongside a recent photo of Styles and two throwback pics of him in the Oscar-winning film and at the red carpet premiere in France.

"SO WE WENT FROM FRAT BOY HARRY TO DUNKIRK HARRY IN LIKE A WEEK- OKAY," a Twitter user captioned a fan selfie with Styles, who was seen wearing a graphic tee (which is the same style worn by Jennifer Aniston on an episode of Friends) and '70s-inspired plaid pants while throwing up a peace sign in the background.

"this is dunkirk harry but UPGRADED bc of the curls in top… im living," another social media user replied.

The fan reaction to Styles' short hair seems mostly positive, but the "Watermelon Sugar" singer caused some division among fans when he debuted a scruffy mustache earlier this year.

During a visit to Modena, Italy, in July, the singer stopped by the Villa Manodori and was photographed sporting some new facial hair.

The olive oil purveyor shared a photo on Instagram of Styles holding up a bottle of balsamic vinegar while wearing a pair of straight-legged jeans, a green and white striped T-shirt, yellow-tinted sunglasses and a rather impressive mustache.

The picture quickly went viral and, unsurprisingly, the Internet had some thoughts about his new look.

“Harry i swear imma get u a razor,” one social media user wrote.

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