Hoda Kotb Says She's Been Wearing Heels to Work Every Day While Filming in the Today Show Studio

Then Bush Hager held up her own feet to show off the slippers she was wearing. "You’re in the studio. I don’t think I’ve worn high heels since the day I left the studio," she told Kotb. "And guys, I left thinking I’d be back the next Monday, and all of my clothes, my shoes…"

"It’s, like, frozen in time," Kotb said, finishing her sentence.

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Kotb has been waking up at 3 a.m. (rather than her usual 4:15) so she can commute in to the city from her weekend home, prep for the day, mic herself and do her own hair and makeup for the show.

“It’s totally weird. I hate to say that I’m so naive, but I didn’t know how one of those big steamers worked, to steam clothes,” Kotb previously told PEOPLE. “So today all my [clothes] were in a ball. I went into the wardrobe room and I literally was steaming the place up right after I had done my hair. It’s the small things that trip you up and make you realize how much we need every single person we work with.”

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