I had a boob job and now I cant tell if my top is appropriate

A woman has hit back at trolls who criticised her “deflated boobs” after having children by getting a boob job and showing off her new confidence in a revealing jumpsuit.

Tori Parker is a mother of two who posted a video in November of herself and her husband dressed up for a military ball.

She received hateful messages for wearing a strappy black dress because of her chest.

However, the mum had the last laugh by having a breast augmentation, and now she feels fabulous.

Tori said: “The children in the comments had a field day, talking about my deflated boobs and how ugly they were. Jokes on you guys, look at me now!”

Tori has posted a video showing off her new outfit, despite feeling “oddly nervous” to wear the jumpsuit.

She said: “So I was just minding my own business scrolling on Shein the other day, and then I saw [the jumpsuit] and I thought to myself ‘Oh I could never wear that.’”

“Not because I didn’t like it, not, it’s because I actually really liked it. I just could never see myself wearing that because motherhood has robbed me of my sense of style.”

The outfit is a lime green sleeveless jumpsuit with a low top and a buckle on the front top to keep it secure.

Tori decided to buy the jumpsuit and try it on and joked to get some confidence, she was “obviously” going to post herself wearing the outfit “on the internet for everybody to see.”

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She explained: “If you’re new to my page, you might not know this but the boobs are new and so I am adjusting to trying to figure out how to like not slip out everywhere all the time.

“I’ve never really had to worry about that before, now it’s a very big worry. Oh my God, it’s a very big worry.”

Tori had some trouble securing the outfit, as the buckle on the front was too low, leaving Tory worried the outfit “was not going to work.”

However, Tori improvised by managing to tie a knot over her bust. She said: “I like that it can tie in a knot though…actually if you tie it, it works better as there’s not as much of a nip slip issue, and that little tie in the back is super cute but also I feel ridiculous.”

@itstoriparker You think this is grocery store appropriate?? ������ #sheinfinds #90saesthetic #tryonwithme #shein #sheinshopping #fashion #momsoftiktok #millenialmom #29 ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

Tori finished trying on the outfit by smiling and posing at the camera, and said: “I am 29 and a mother of two. What am I doing in this? Where am I going to go? I don’t really know but I also feel like I kind of have to keep it.”

In the caption of her video, Tori also jokingly asked if the outfit was “grocery store appropriate.”

In the comment section, people praised Tori for her confidence and assured her she looked amazing in the jumpsuit.

One person said: “As we speak, your husband is probably planning a date where you can wear that”

Somebody else wrote: “Girl you are stunning!” while another person said: “Excuse me m’am, you look flawless.”

One woman wrote: “I’m 29 and a mother of two too! Oh my god, I want to look as good as you do.”

Tori replied to the woman, and said: “Stop it, you’re too sweet and are already PERFECT.”

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