I Tried Merit's Lengthening Mascara, and I'm Blown Away by How Long My Lashes Look

I Tried Merit’s Lengthening Mascara, and I’m Blown Away by How Long My Lashes Look

Before Merit even launched, I was seeing its products all over my Instagram. Between the chic ads (which are expertly targeted, I might add) and my industry friends, seemingly everyone was talking about the brand. When my own set of samples showed up at my door — or, mailbox, rather — I was very curious to see if they would live up to the hype, and after swatching and applying every product, I can confirm without a doubt they do.

As a whole, Merit makes some amazing products, but like any brand, a few stand out above the rest. For me, it was the Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil ($24) in Au Naturel and the Clean Lash Lengthening Mascara ($26). I feel the same way about these two products as I assume most parents do about their children — I can’t possibly pick a favorite (but if I had to, it’d be the mascara).

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