I'm 52 – trolls say I've 'been in menopause since the Roman Empire' but they need to stop judging and let women age | The Sun

ONE 52-year-old woman has been accused of being ancient by online haters.

Trolls tell her she's "been in menopause since the Roman Empire," but she doesn't let that bother her.

Instead of getting upset over the cruel comments, Lisa (@thesilverlining_1970) scolded these critics.

The message she gave in her recent video contributed to her "age visibility and inclusion" efforts.

Lisa ran toward the water at the beach, surrounded by the rude remarks she's gotten.

She's 52 years old, but people think she's being dishonest.

The first comment read: "I really thought you were 65 to 70. I was going to say you look good for your age, but 52, come on.

"I think you're lying. I think you're closer to 70."

Another hater said: "You've been in menopause since the Roman Empire. Suck it up!"

Lisa let her short gray hair down as she wandered around in the sand.

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Rather than keeping quiet, the strong woman spoke up.

"Can we stop judging and commenting on women's bodies?" she asked.

"Let women age without judgment, comparison, criticism, and the weight of unrealistic youth beauty standards."

Lisa happily approached the camera, exposing her facial features and long floral gown.

Once again, she added: "I can't imagine a male receiving these age-related comments simply by daring to show up on social media."

Lisa's viewers were perplexed by the comment assuming she was 65 or 70.

"Omg, how on earth do you look 65 to 70? Obviously, that person is not happy with themselves. You look fanbloodytastic!"

Another viewer agreed: "65 to 70? Lol, not even close. The age-assessor is broken."

"You're my inspiration," a sweet fan remarked.

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