I’m a mum-of-two and ALWAYS get my kids to bed by 7pm – these are the nine rules I consistently follow | The Sun

SHE'S got two children, and ensures every day that they're in bed by 7pm.

And in order to do so, Akeeba Maze sticks to nine rules – which she shared in a reel on her Instagram page.

"How I get my kids to bed by 7pm," she wrote over the video, which showed her two girls fast asleep.

And she added in the caption: "Could your child’s negative behaviour, poor attitude, and bad grades be caused by sleep deprivation?

"If you are struggling with any of these things, or you just want your child to sleep earlier to get time to yourself, time with your partner, or work time, you might try the below suggestions."

First off, Akeeba has a "consistent bedtime routine that I participate in".

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Next, she starts reminding her daughters about three hours beforehand, and keeps giving them regular reminders.

"This is really important for all kids but especially teens and tweens, so they have time to do everything they want before you enforce bedtime," she said.

It's important to have a morning incentive ready – Akeeba tells her girls that they can play 10 minutes of Roblox or read a book.

"Decrease the temperature to 65-68 degrees or make sure they are not too warm," was Akeeba's next tip.

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"Cold is an indicator to our bodies to sleep."

In addition, you need to ensure the children are getting enough "exercise and sun" during the day.

"Sunlight is needed to keep our circadian rhythm balanced," she said.

Keep the lights and sounds turned off elsewhere in the house, if possible.

"This is hard especially if you live in a small space, but who can sleep with the blue light & sound of a TV on in the next room?" she said.

"If you have kids with later bedtimes, let them know when the youngest goes to sleep that’s when quiet hours begin."

Do not allow your children to have any sugary or fizzy drinks in the afternoons – give them water only.

And remove all screens within "three hours of bedtime", as well as removing them from the room to get rid of any temptation.

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Finally, Akeeba advises turning out the lights.

"Any night light should be dim and I personally turn it off once they fall asleep," she said.

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