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WHETHER you want to lounge on the beach or explore a new city, wherever you go on your honeymoon, it's the perfect chance to enjoy some alone time with your spouse.

But while you may have thought the pressure of planning was over after your wedding, where you choose to go on your holiday can actually be really important too.

Here, relationship expert and psychologist Dr Pam Spurr says: "The style of wedding and honeymoon a couple chooses speaks volumes about their personalities and relationship.

"Choosing a location is crucial. It dictates what style of honeymoon you’ll have.

"For example, if one of you is sporty but the other prefers a good beach-read, you can still find a location that offers both.

"Choice of honeymoon can reveal how romantic a couple is, how much thought they put into the time they spend together, how energetic they are, plus how much they want to impress others!"


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Here, Pam shares what these top honeymoon locations reveal about you, and your relationship…


If your idea of heaven is white beaches, beautiful sunshine and a dip in the sparkling sea, the Maldives is probably your dream trip.

The likes of Amanda Holden and her husband Chris Hughes and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner opted for this destination, and if you choose here it means you could be looking to make a statement.

Pam says: "You want to stand out from the crowd, and love anything exotic and luxurious.

"It can signal some insecurities that you have to be 'good enough' in the eyes of the world. 

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A word of warning however. In terms of your relationship, there may be a negative impact if you're already spending above your means.

Pam says: "If you have the money to back up your desires, things will be fine between you.

"If you overspend to stand out from the crowd, there will be trouble around the corner.

" One third of relationships sight ‘money issues’ as what broke them up. Focus on budgeting together to keep a good eye on finances."


If you're drawn to the glamour of Dubai, you love the sun and the sea but also want to combine the nightlife and restaurants that a city has to offer.

Pam says: "A fun lover by nature, you love a good time coupled with glamour.

"You both want to live life to the full and love a good social life.

"Watch out for problems when something happens, like a baby comes along, and life changes dramatically.

"You might find that hard to run with. Focus on making sure you’re both coping when life throws you challenges."

The Alps

If a ski trip in the alps is more of your kind of thing, you're obviously a sporty, energetic and adventurous couple.

Pam says: "You love a challenge. You like to put yourself out there and there may be a touch of the ‘show off’ to your nature.

"Adventure awaits you both as your personalities mean you will always be looking for the next place to go or next sport to conquer.

"Mind you, if you both have competitive natures make sure you direct your competitive streaks outwards and not into your relationship.

"Focus on enjoying each other’s successes without feeling envy."


If a long weekend soaking up the fresh sea air without having to venture too far is your kind of thing, you might opt for a staycation.

Pam explains: "You know what’s stylish and trendy but you don’t like going over the top.

"You enjoy quality time with your new spouse and don’t want ‘stuff’ to interfere with that.

"You're a hip couple that has style but wants to simplify your honeymoon so you have real quality time together.

"You both might be quite individualistic in your outlooks so at times compromise might be hard.

"Focus on really good communication about your individual needs to help find compromises when needed."


If you're an old-school romantic, you might opt for a city break somewhere like Paris.

Pam says: "You will expect romance as a regular feature of your relationship.

"You might be a daydreamer and at times overly optimistic about what life together will be like.

"If you’re both naturals when it comes to romantic gestures, things will go well.

"If one of you lacks romantic ideas this could flag future trouble.

"Try to build spontaneous moments into your relationship but manage any expectations that life together will be one dreamy romantic moment after another.

"Focus on keeping grounded about day-to-day life that you can spice up with those small gestures."

'Focus on each other'

Finally, whatever the location you choose, it's important to remember what's really important – and that's to make precious memories with your loved one.

Pam adds: "Honeymoons give couples crucial time together after what can be an incredibly stressful run up to the wedding itself.

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"Important because about two thirds of couples report having major arguments just before their wedding day.

"Getting away means you can focus on each other and establish a loving-vibe to move forward with."

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