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FOR years we’ve been told that it’s a bad idea to sleep with an ex, as they’re part of your past for good reason. 

But now one sexpert has shared how she thinks the complete opposite is true, as she said it was fine to get intimate with a former flame again.

However, she said this was only the case if you follow three strict rules and scenarios on her checklist. 

Dr Nicole McNichols, aka social media’s The Sex Professor, has lifted the lid on her reasoning as she revealed her somewhat controversial take. 

Dr Nicole McNichols, who has built up an impressive Instagram following thanks to her saucy tips, posted a video on her account @nicole_thesexprofessor.

In it, she got straight to the point, as she introduced herself and said: “I’m a sex professor and here are my top three reasons for why sleeping with an ex might be a great idea.”

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She then went through her checklist, starting out with how reconnecting in the bedroom with an ex could lead to good things – but only if you’re sure it won’t set you back. 

Dr Nicole McNichols explained: “In the right context, sex with an ex can feel comforting and familiar.

“So long as both of you are relatively healed from the break-up, still trust and respect each other and don’t harbour residual anger.”

She went on to say that getting frisky with your former lover can “feel satisfying and safe.” 

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This leads nicely onto her second point – that it could lead to mind-blowing orgasms.

She continued: “You already know each other’s bodies – you both know what the other likes, what the other doesn’t like, what could be fun, and what’s definitely off the table.

“You also already know how to read each other’s sexual cues, making sex just simply better.”

Dr Nicole McNichols also used her video as a way of saying that another situation when sex with an ex would get a big tick is if you’re thinking of rekindling your relationship. 

She concluded: “Sex with an ex might be part of the process of getting back together if that’s what you’re both interested in.

“There’s a lot of communication that happens during sex even if no words are actually being spoken.”

She went on to say that it doesn’t always have to lead to bad things.

Dr Nicole McNichols added: “Sometimes sex helps us to heal and remember what was good in the relationship.

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“Although this might not always be the case, it is certainly possible.” 

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