I’m a traveller mum-of-four – I make my girl, 8, cook, clean & do after-school chores but my sons don’t lift a finger

A TRAVELLER mum has revealed she makes her eight-year-old girl cook and clean as part of her after-school chores – but her sons don't have to lift a finger.

Mum-of-four Clare Giles, from West Sussex, starred on last night's Here Come the Gypsies on Channel 5, and said it’s not boys’ place to help around the home.

Clare is a proud stay-at-home mum and is training her daughters Maddie, 12, and Bonnie, eight, to follow in her footsteps.

Meanwhile, sons Charlie and Matthew never have to help around the home with cleaning, and can spend their time playing, according to travellers' tradition.

Clare said on the show: “If I was to ask Matthew or Charlie to tidy up, they'd probably laugh at my face and tell me ‘that's not what I do, I'm off shooting.’

“They know from a very young age the difference between a man and a woman in our culture and what they do.

“The man will go out and obviously he's the breadwinner he keeps his family and it's up to the wife to keep the family home clean, decent.

“A woman's place is the home, here in our community, that's it.

“I’ve got children ranging from the age of five to 12, it's not going to stay clean, you can't keep children from playing or eating.

“I'm constantly on my toes picking up after them, I follow them around with a rag.

“It's important for us to know that our homes are clean, anyone turns up, you got a clean house.”

Clare admitted that she wouldn’t want to work, and is proud to be a stay-at-home mum.

She added: “I like staying here, cleaning up, making my house nice for our children, that's our way of life.”

When it came to describing her daily routine, she said: “Wash, breakfast, kids to school, back, clean up, washing, back to school, home, dinner, wash up, clean up, bath, bed.”

Clare and her husband bought their own plot of land, and received planning permission from the council. 

She said: “I was brought up on a site, we bought this and we got planning permission which is really hard to get nowadays.

“I don't know why the council are really hard on travellers, they don't like to give us planning permission.

“Your children can't have a quad bike for instance or your children can't go and play catapult the way they'd want to because the council is on your back.”

When Maddie and Bonnie finished school, Clare drew up a list of chores for them, including helping with cooking, making the beds and mopping the floor.

During the show, Maddie, 12, was ready to progress in her independence and prove to her mum she is on track for looking after her own mobile dwelling.

Clare said: “By the age of about 13, you're kind of expected to have your own independence, that's when you can look forward to getting your own home.

“I did it at her age, and she's ready to go.”

In order to prove she was ready, Maddie had to clean her mum’s home in 60 minutes and bake a tray of cakes.

Clare was on hand to keep an eye on her daughter, and joked: “Worst case scenario she burns it down.”

However, she did decide that her daughter was ready for her own home.

Here Come the Gypsies aired last night on Channel 5.

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