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WHEN it comes to designing our homes, we all want the rooms to feel modern and stylish.

But many of us don’t know how to achieve that look.

One interior design expert named Phoenix Grey, who goes by @mrphoenixgrey on TikTok, said when it comes to flooring, there are a few common mistakes people make — and they cause homes to look cheap.

In the video, he began:

“Don’t make this mistake in your home if you’re trying to make it look high-end.”

He said hardwood floors are a great choice for the whole house, but certain kinds are better than others.


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The size of the wooden planks matters.

“Hardwood floors are often forgotten about,” he said.

“But if you want that more lux and high-end look for whatever you’re choosing for your flooring, make sure they have a wider plank style.”

Showing a photo of long skinny planks, Phoenix said they were way too busy.

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“It’s going to clutter your space more.”


There are many different color options and shades for your floors.

“Whatever you do, do not choose grey in any sense for flooring.”

He said a natural color like brown will create a more timeless look.

“This grey is so trendy, and it has been out for a while now.

“It is so hard to pick any décor items to style with it in your home.”

He also said the shade ends up looking green in certain lighting.


While Phoenix said he would die for dark black hardwood floors because of how beautiful they look sometimes, he urged people to stay away.

“They will never look this good, honestly.

“The darker the hardwood, the more you will see everything. You will see every foot print, every speck of dust, every hair imaginable.


Instead of going for black or grey, he said to choose something like a herringbone style in light brown.

“It will completely elevate your space and make it look high-end.”

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He did add that this luxury comes at a higher price point.

“But in my opinion, it is so worth it.”

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