I’m midsize & bought two dresses in the same size – one fit but one can't contain my boobs, the label doesn’t matter | The Sun

IT can be very discouraging if you buy a dress in what you think is your size, only to find that it doesn't fit.

But one midsize woman has insisted the label on clothes doesn't matter – after her experience trying on two size 14 dresses.

"Guys I just wanted to do a quick video because, do not get discouraged by sizing," Zoe Towlson told her followers on TikTok.

"I just bought another dress, size 14, fit me like a glove."

Pointing to a picture of a polkadot dress, she added: "I bought this one – look how it looks on me."

She then showed how the dress fit her – or didn't fit her as the case may be.

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"I can’t even, I can’t get it over my boobs and my hips," she sighed, as she attempted to pull it down over her curves.

"This is supposed to be a maxi, bodycon dress. And right now it’s looking like an A-line skater dress.

"What is this?"

Concluding her video, Zoe added: "Do not get discouraged by sizing, trust me."

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She also wrote in her caption: "Don’t let sizing put you down! I vary so much now it’s laughable."

People in the comments section praised Zoe for her honesty, with one writing: "I do feel the same way…mind over matter ladies !!!"

"The sizing these days is a joke! We should go back to the old sizing. Like the way mens clothing is done!" another added.

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"I don’t care about sizing no more," a third commented.

"Same it’s just laughable now how much it differs," Zoe replied.

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