Inside Paris & Tyson Fury's romance – with no sex before marriage, six kids, millions in the bank & a cocaine scandal

PARIS and Tyson Fury are expecting their sixth child and expanding their already large brood. 

The childhood sweethearts are one of the most beloved in the sporting industry, and their relationship dates back to their teens.

Here’s how the lovebirds met, and the story behind their glamorous lives together…

Childhood sweethearts

Paris met Fury when she was just 15 at a mutual friend's wedding.

However, it wasn't until a year later, when their paths crossed again on a night out in Doncaster for her 16th birthday, that they began dating.

Paris explained: "He was my first boyfriend as I was not allowed a boyfriend until the age of 16. He is the only boyfriend I have had.

“Tyson would train in boxing during the week and then come and see me at the weekend. I would always be so excited at the thought of seeing him.”

In 2008, they tied the knot in front of 400 guests and slept together for the first time on the night of their wedding.

"Even after we got engaged, Tyson would sleep in a caravan in the yard of my parents’ home, while I slept inside the house," she once revealed.

"We didn’t sleep together until after we got married. That is the traveller’s way."

Swanky romantic gifts

Paris is showered with gifts by her millionaire husband.

The professional fighter has previously gifted his doting wife with a Givenchy denim jacket, purchased in Marbella's Puerto Banus while the two were holidaying together.

Previously, romantic Tyson splashed out on a pair of bright pink Saint Laurent Tribute platform sandals, worth £700, and baby pink Christian Louboutin Very Prive pumps, £595, for his lucky lady.

Both Paris and Tyson came from humble beginnings. Paris was raised as a traveller in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, while Tyson had a similar upbringing in Wythenshaw, Manchester.

Before they struck rich, Tyson popped the question with a plastic engagement ring while saving up for the real thing.

Speaking in footage aired for his Gypsy King documentary, Tyson explained, "It took me three years to save up to get married."

We previously took a look inside Tyson and Paris' kids' incredible designer wardrobes with Louis Vuitton bags and head-to-toe Givenchy.

Proud mama

Paris and Tyson have five children together; Venezuela, Prince John James, Prince Tyson Fury II, Valencia Amber, and Prince Adonis Amaziah.

And their sixth is on the way, with Tyson telling Gareth A Davies: "Paris is pregnant again and the Lord has blessed us definitely with another child and I'm very thankful.”

Despite Tyson being the highest-paid fighter of 2020 with £46million earned and a reported wealth of £70m, the family live in a modest £550,000 home in Morecambe.

He has previously admitted that he does not care for fame or fortune.

The Fury family also owns an enormous mansion in Marbella. Although the price of the pad is unknown, properties of a similar size in the popular Spanish holiday destination go for around £6million.

The palatial Spanish property is an architectural sight to behold, featuring huge stone columns, a huge courtyard, fountains and more.

Loyal partner

In 2016, Fury's mental health issues, cocaine and alcohol abuse, and intolerable mood swings threatened their seemingly unbreakable marriage.

On occasion, Paris would even contemplate leaving – packing her bags and getting into her car.

However, she'd just stop herself – admitting she couldn't leave Tyson to "crash and burn".

“I wanted to leave every day. Every day I used to cry and break down and think ‘I can’t deal with this’," she revealed.

“I literally packed the car and the kids a few times.

“I’d think ‘how can I leave?’. If you truly love someone you’re not going to leave them to crash and burn.”

Paris stood by her man as he battled his demons, before he rose again like a phoenix from the flames.

Jet-set lifestyle

In a pre-Covid world, lucky Paris gets to frequently jet around the world with her hot-shot hubby, diligently watching each and every one of his boxing matches from beside the ring.

She and the kids frequently fly to far-flung destinations like LA and Las Vegas to accompany Tyson to his fights.

The whole family makes the most of the trips abroad, squeezing in everything from shopping sprees on notoriously posh shopping hotspot Rodeo Drive to days out at Disney World.

And that's not all – the couple also enjoy taking luxurious holidays together.

The couple have flown to Prague and posed in front of Le Palais Art Hotel, where luxury suites start at £436-a-night.

However, in the past the blonde beauty has been banned from spending time with her beau ahead of his fights.

Prior to Tyson's huge rematch against Deontay Wilder in February, Paris told IFL TV reporters she was banned from his Las Vegas accommodation.

She said: “I’ve been barred from the house. I don’t quite understand.

“The boys are all there and they’ve all said it’s a serious fight.

“But I don’t think they realise that I’ve been here for 11 years and I understand all the rules and regulations of nights before fights, so I’m just going along with it."

The couple that trains together

While The Body Coach might have been the nation's male PE teacher, the alternative female voice was Paris Fury – who gave a more realistic spin to her workouts.

She teamed up with Tyson to provide us with an Instagram live fitness class at 9am six days a week last summer.

And again, she took the limelight away from her hubby – who once stormed out of a session and was branded an "a**hole" by his fierce wife for not keeping up with her.

They were given a Heroes of Humanity award by the WBC in recognition of their efforts.

Despite standing at 5ft 7inches to Fury's 6ft 9inches, Paris clearly wears the trousers in their relationship.

Here's how Paris stays glamorous and in shape as she raises five kids, with sixth on the way.

And Paris ‘joins Loose Women panel after impressing as a guest’.

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