‘It’s 100 days since we beat Covid-19 but we still can’t exercise or taste, and need inhaler’, reveal recovering Scots – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS patients including fit and healthy young people can suffer with agonising symptoms for months.

Some people – known as "long haulers" – have reported battling with the lingering problems despite overcoming Covid-19.

The most common symptom is crippling fatigue, but others have experienced aching muscles, breathlessness and difficulty concentrating.

It comes after experts last week claimed coronavirus patients who lost their sense of taste or smell may never get it back.

We spoke to Scottish survivors who are still suffering from symptoms 100 days on from contracting the virus.

'I can't even walk without getting chest pains'

WORKING in retail, Evie Connell resigned herself to the fact she would catch coronavirus.

The 23-year-old, from Glasgow, developed symptoms the day before lockdown was enforced on March 26.

She said: "I'd already kind of accepted I was going to get the virus because of my job. Working in retail, I knew I was going to get it.

"I said back in February 'I've accepted I'm going to get this, it's going to happen.

"I wasn't actually too scared, I just thought 'right, well this is it'."

Two days later, her fiance developed symptoms and the couple isolated together for 14 days.

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