Love Island 2021 cast star signs: From fiery Sagittarius AJ to passionate Scorpio Lucinda

WITH Love Island 2021 officially under way we can't help but wonder – could love be written in the stars?

Read on to discover the star signs of these romantic hopefuls and what astrology says about their compatibility.

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Liberty Poole: Virgo

A typical high-achieving Virgo, lovely Liberty is currently balancing a marketing degree with a waitressing job.

Virgos are known for setting themselves very high standards, and the same can be said for their romantic interests. One of the biggest challenges for this sign is finding a partner who meets their expectations!

Virgos are most compatible with other earth signs as well as Cancer and Pisces – even though Jake is a Aries.

Toby Aromolaran: Pisces

Footballer Toby Aromolaran is a free-flowing Pisces, a water sign known for its creativity, adaptability, and sometimes sensitive emotions.

Pisces can also be indecisive at times – which makes sense, considering the tough time he had deciding between Kaz and Chloe.

The most compatible signs for sentimental Pisces are Scorpio and Cancer (looking at you, Shannon!) as well as equally-romantic Taurus.

Sharon Gaffka: Sagittarius

In a lineup of so many water signs, what's to become of fiery Sagittarius Sharon?

This sign is known for being extroverted and outspoken, which could run the risk of rubbing sensitive water signs the wrong way.

Sagittarius is best suited to other fire signs Aries and Leo, but could also get along with quirky Aquarius.

Teddy: Aries

He might come across as super chilled – but Teddy's star sign hints he's anything but.

As one of the fire signs, Aries are passionate, confident and natural leaders – so it'll be interesting to see if he butts heads with fellow Aries Jake.

In terms of compatibility, Aries match well with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius – which is certainly good news for Faye.

Faye Winter: Gemini

Faye's birthday lands on June 21, the last day of Gemini season and just before Cancer.

The Gemini side of her is definitely fun-loving but she also clearly has a caring streak: when she's not working as a lettings manager, she exercises her nurturing side by being a boarder for guide dogs.

Geminis go well with other air signs but they can clash with Virgo and Pisces, which means we may see some drama stirred up between these signs.

AJ: Sagittarius

AJ has already sent shockwaves through the villa in her first couple of days – so we weren't surprised to find out she's a fiery Sagittarius like Sharon.

The hair extension technician celebrated her 27th birthday on 9 December 2020 – meaning she falls slap bang in the middle of the fire sign.

Based simply on her star sign, AJ is most likely to have her eyes on Aaron and Jake – and is not compatible with Pisces Toby.

Lucinda Strafford: Scorpio

21-year-old Lucinda is a passionate Scorpio as her birthday falls on the 4 November.

Like co-Islander Kaz, people with this water sign tend to fall fast and hard.

Now that Brad has been dumped from the villa, Lucinda has set her sights on Aaron – who is a Libra.

According to Live About, these two signs are highly compatible as Scorpios want "emotional resonance and soul bonding" while Libras have the "urge to merge" into a relationship.

Aaron Francis: Libra

This is a sign that is known for being sociable and outgoing, so we think Aaron Francis will have no problem fitting in at Love Island.

Libras enjoy romance but they can also be analytical, which could be frustrating to the more emotional water signs who would rather just go with the flow.

We think Faye's Gemini influence could make her appealing to this air sign. Libras love to turn on the charm, so we also suspect that Aaron could grab the attention of more than one islander!

Chloe Burrows: Libra

25-year-old Chloe falls under the charming and charismatic sign of Libra.

This peaceful and outgoing air sign is most likely to be compatible with Gemini as well as other Libras, which makes us wonder if she will find her heart torn between Aaron and Brad.

Libras like to keep things in balance, so we also wouldn't be surprised if Chloe ends up taking a peace-keeping role during her stay at the villa… one day.

Brad McClelland: Gemini

This sign tends to inspire a taste for adventure, so it's no wonder that Brad McClelland ended up on Love Island.

Signs that Gemini is compatible with include fiery Leo as well as the other air signs Libra and Aquarius.

Another aspect of Gemini is that they can be hard to pin down, which means that Brad could very well be the least predictable islander of 2021.

Jake Cornish: Aries

An extraverted fire sign, Aries loves to win so you can be sure that Jake is going to put his all into his stay at Love Island.

Decisive Aries hate standing still and they got on best with other adventure-driven signs like Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo.

Based just on star signs, likeliest candidate for unlocking Jake's heart is Sagittarius Sharon – but we were right in predicting his adorable bromance with Gemini Brad!

Kaz Kamwi: Scorpio

Influencer and model Kaz Kamwi was born under the passionate and mysterious sign Scorpio.

This water sign tends to feel emotions more intensely than others, so if Scorpio falls in love you know they've fallen hard.

Scorpio is most compatible with other water signs – so it's hardly surprising she was initially drawn to Pisces Toby.

Millie: Sagittarius

She may be happily coupled up with Liam for now – but Sagittarius Millie could start some drama later on the season if her star sign is anything to go by.

The blonde Essex bombshell may be wanting to get to know Aries and Libras as the season progresses.

Hugo Hammond: Unknown

At the time of writing, we still don't know cricket athlete Hugo's star sign, but we think his love for adventure could very well point to a fiery influence in his birth chart.

Shannon Singh: Cancer

The 22-year-old model and influencer Shannon is a caring Cancer. In romantic relationships, this sign is known for valuing an emotional bond as much as physical attraction — sometimes even more!

Cancers can often need extra time to come out of their shell, but once the bond is formed they are as devoted as they come.

Cancer is most compatible with other water signs, such as Scorpio and Pisces.

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