Man spots X-rated detail on Maoam sweet wrappers – and it’s ruining people’s childhoods

WHEN you think of Maoam sweets, you're instantly hit by a wave of nostalgia and fond childhood memories, right? Well, prepare for all that to be well and truly ruined.

Turns out the wrappers for Maoam sweets aren't as innocent as we all first thought, with one TikTok user pointing out that the treat has tainted our childhood with X-rated images without us even realising.

While you might never have paid too much attention to the pictures on the wrappers, now you'll never be able to see them in the same way.

Forget the fun bright colours and cute fruit characters, because actually they're all up to no good as one guy (@mitchxllt) has revealed online.

In a video – that has now been watched over 2.9 million times – he shared pictures of the different wrappers for each different flavoured Maoam sweet and wrote: "Why have we never realised what maoams are acc doing? Like when you realise (sic)."

Take a closer look and you'll realise the fruits are definitely not hugging and instead getting a lot more intimate in some very questionable positions.

"You Learn something new everyday," he teased, as people were left floored by the revelation and cried that their childhoods have now been well and truly ruined.

One person wrote: "uhm I'm never going to think of maoams again (sic)."

Another posted: "I'm never going to think of maoams the same again."

A third wrote: "I – my childhood was a lie."

"I DID NOT JUST CHOKE ON MY WATER," commented another viewer, while one more said: "Childhood: ruined."

The not-so PG wrappers seemed to have left a bad taste in some mouths, with one person regretting tucking in.


Another insisted: "Ok next time I get given a packet they're going in the bin."

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