Mum issues warning after her daughter, three, ends up in A&E with severe burns caused by Aldi gel washing machine tablet

A MUM has issued a warning after her three-year-old daughter ended up in A&E with severe burns caused by a gel washing machine tablet.

Emma Shone, from Manchester, said her toddler Willow had managed to get hold of an Almat bio liquid sachet and it burst in her hands. 

She wrote on Facebook: “I wanted to share an experience that I hope none of you ever have to go through but it’s to share the warning as I didn’t know the dangers before this happened along with a lot of my personal friends and family. 

“Washing machine gel tablets!!

“My 3 year old daughter managed to get hold of one from the utility room and burst it in her hands. 

“I immediately undressed her and cleaned her up however we must have missed a very small amount.”

Emma said they immediately went to their local A&E department and were transferred to the local burns unit at the children's hospital. 

She added: “We were admitted overnight whilst they treated the burn and we will be seen as an outpatient for new dressings.

“Please, please be aware of these tablets. I knew they posed a risk but thought that was if they ate them not if they got the liquid on their skin.

“Such a small thing can cause this much damage and pain.”

Emma said she picked up the Almat bio liquid sachet from Aldi, and has contacted them for a response.

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