Mum reveals simple hack to keep your clothes wrinkle-free WITHOUT ironing

STUBBORN wrinkles and creases are a thing of the past thanks to this mum’s simple tricks that keep your clothes looking wrinkle-free.

Chantel Mila, a mum-of-two from Melbourne, Australia, has shared ironing-free hacks that might just change your clothes forever.

In her latest video on Instagram Chantel shows three ways that will transform your clothes.

The mum’s first hack is a simple addition of two ice cubes to your washing load in your dryer.

The ice cubes will form steam in the dryer which will remove those wrinkles.

Next Chantel uses her homemade wrinkle release to banish wrinkles from her clothes – the recipe includes one tablespoon of vinegar, one tablespoon of fabric conditions and two cups of water.

Chantel raves about this spray as it leaves no smell once the clothes are dry.

Lastly, Chantel shows off her simple hanger trick.

By hanging up wet t-shirts and shirts to dry, Chantel says she saves space and reduces creased lines on her clothes.

Her post has been liked over 3,700 times, as people flocked into the comments to praise Chantel’s genius tricks.

One user wrote: “Had no idea about the ice cubes! Such a good idea, can't wait to try it.”

Another commented: “I obviously need vinegar for more than just fries in this house. I’m definitely trying that one.”

A third joked: “Love these tips, ironing is my worst enemy.”

Chantel’s tricks will have your clothes looking good as new in no time.

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