Mum turns bright green after using 'out-of-date' fake tan

Jenni Coleman says she ended up looking more like the Wicked Witch of the West when her fake tan went green because she thinks it was out of date.

Mum-of-two Jenni, 35, had slapped on a couple of layers of fake tan while enjoying a glass of wine and despite noticing a slight green tint ‘cracked on’.

It wasn’t until the next morning when she woke up and looked in the bathroom mirror that she realised it had gone green.

Jenni said she’s unsure what caused the tanning disaster, but believes she may have picked a bottle from the back of her fake tan stash that had been there longer than recommended.

Startled Jenni, who lives with daughters Leah Coleman, 17, and 14-year-old Emily Coleman, had to keep showering and exfoliating to remove the colour.

Jenni, from Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, said: ‘When I saw myself the following morning I nearly cried, it wasn’t great, I just couldn’t believe it.

‘It wasn’t patchy – I didn’t think it was ever going to come off.

‘I took a few days to properly come off, I hid away at home that weekend trying to scrub it off, it put me off tanning for a bit.

‘People have been saying I looked like Grotbags and the Wicked Witch of the West.’

The incident happened four years ago but recently friends have been sharing it to give people a laugh.

Pal Jan Patricia shared it on Saturday 28 March to jokingly suggest that the UK being on lockdown would be ‘a good time to work on your tan’.

Jenni said: ‘I regularly fake tan, but I’m like Casper at the minute with everything going on.’

She says at the time she noticed a green tint but thought it would be fine when it developed.

She explained: ‘I was just putting it on one Friday night and thought it looked like it had a little bit of a green tint to it but didn’t think anything of it.

‘The kids were like “it does look a bit green mum” but I thought it would be alright.

‘I normally buy fake tan from the high street and tanned a lot when I was younger so always had loads in.

‘That day I just grabbed one, maybe from the back [of my stash] and I’d had it a bit by then, which is why it went like that.

‘I went to bed and when I woke up the following morning it was like that, I couldn’t believe it.

‘The tan was on my face, ears, hands and all over my body, the green made my eyes look really white.’

Jenni says she had to stay home until it all came off and she was worried it would happen again for a while afterwards but she still loves fake tan now.

She added: ‘I took the picture to send to my sister and for a while after that I was a bit paranoid that it would happen again.

‘It didn’t turn green straight away, if it had I would have washed it off straight away.

‘It was a big shock, I remember thinking “how has it even gone like that?”.

‘People have commented on the photo a lot over the years, they say I’m ‘the green gift that keeps on giving’ and won’t let it lie.’

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