Mums are loving a £1 multi-purpose surface cleaner from B&M that works a treat and smells great

WHEN you're spraying a cleaning product around the house, it really does help if it smells nice too.

A group of women seem to have found the answer – and it only costs a quid from B&M.

In a post on Facebook group 'Organise My UK Home', a woman called Catherine shared how she was a fan of 'Clean-ology Multipurpose Cleaner' in a 'Mint & Green Tea' scent.

Captioning an image of the spray, she wrote: "Anyone tried this little beauty? Works a treat, and the smell."

The handy "natural" product can be bought from the bargain store for just £1.49.

Describing the product on their website, they explain that it is made from essential oils and is non-toxic.

  • Clean-ology Multipurpose Cleaner 500ml (Mint & Green Tea), £1.49, B&M – buy here

Fellow social media users agreed with the poster that the spray was a must-have for their homes.

One person wrote: "Just bought one it’s lovely."

Another commented: "Yes B&M, I love them, I use the empty bottle for my disinfectant spray."

A third shared: "Ooo no never heard of that brand before but I love the scent its in! I bet it smells so fresh."

Just bought one it’s lovely.

Many added that they had also tried the spray in 'Rose & Wild Mint' and 'Orange & Lemongrass' with great success.

It comes as cleaning fans have called a 58p Fabulosa spray the new Zoflora.

Followers of 'cleanfluencer' Mrs Hinch will recall seeing the Instagram star using diluted Zoflora to clean her picture-perfect Essex home. 

Fabulosa is also a concentrated disinfectant and comes in similar little bottles of varying scents. 

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