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The 1960s Italian modernist movement Arte Povera, where the everyday becomes meaningful and ideas are expressed through simple objects, serves as the starting point for Nanushka’s resort 2022 collection, titled “Material Forms.”

Sandra Sandor, the Hungarian label’s creative director, said the concept of the movement, as well as the use of colors and raw materials by the likes of Luciano Fabro and Marisa Merz, inspired her to rediscover the beauty in the basics and the fundamentals. She put a spin on bestselling styles, and reinforced the brand’s sustainable value by using recycled plastic blend cotton on pleated pieces and vegan leather off-cuts to make woven basket bags.

She also put a big focus on multifunctional dressing. The collar on a unisex trenchcoat is removable, as are the sleeves of the utility shirt. One can simply take the same outfit to different climates.

Nanushka Resort 2022

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Fitting in with the late-’60s, early-’70s art movement theme was the use of psychedelic floral prints and ultrasuede. Sandor said she was surprised to find out that her ultrasuede supplier was the same one that made Halston famous back in the day while watching the hit Netflix series.

This resort collection also includes Nanushka’s first beachwear range in vibrant colors and a boxy tote bag inspired by origami, which can be folded flat when empty.

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