Not to Be Dramatic, But This Strapless Bra Changed My Life — and It's 40% Off Right Now

There are certain things I just straight up hate shopping for, and coming from someone who literally shops for a living, I get that may come as a surprise. Jeans are by far number one on my list for reasons I probably don't need to explain, but bras — especially strapless bras — rank pretty high up as a close second. Let's just say bra trauma is a real thing: I'm the early developer who had her straps snapped in school, the awkward teen who shyly covered up her matronly full-coverage cups in the locker room, and the unusually extra-endowed individual who could never find a strapless bra strong enough to support her DDs — until now.

I recently discovered the Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra through a friend who, like me, had always struggled to achieve a secure strapless lift. I'd heard about it before via media buzz, and though I had taken note of its outrageously high ratings and rave reviews, I really just needed the push from someone who understood my struggles to make the purchase.

The second I put it on, I knew this bra was different. Structured back and side boning, plus gripper strips inside help this Wacoal bra stay in place like no other strapless option ever could. I had no fears while moving about freely — walking, dancing, even running without my bra slipping South. 

Shop now: $40 (Originally $68),

"Everyone knows how uncomfortable a strapless bra can be. And, everyone knows how a strapless bra likes to fall down," wrote one reviewer. "But this little wonder kept the girls up where they belonged through a whole night of dancing! And I was not tugging at the top of it every 5 minutes. It's a really great, uplifting, stable bra. I highly suggest it."

The bra is intended for larger chest sizes with a wide selection of band sizes that range from 30 to 40 and extended cup sizes from C to H, though you may find an I at select retailers. And for added inclusivity, larger sizes offer removable straps with increased widths as well as a four-hook back closure, opposed to three for smaller sizes. Unlike most strapless bras that only stay up if they're suffocatingly tight, this one felt comfortable at my usual size thanks to its secure hold, smooth fabric, and molded underwire cups. 

"I am a 32 DDD and have never been able to find a strapless bra that fits," wrote another reviewer. They always slide down, or I'm spilling out the top. This bra stays in place and holds everything together. If you're large chested and have the same issues I did, try this!"

Perhaps the best thing about this bra was the new sense of fashion freedom I experienced. The few camisoles and spaghetti strap dresses that hung in my closet were previously only worn with a jacket, but now they'd suddenly become my summer go-to. I even bought my very first strapless dress — who even am I?

The Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra usually retails for $68, but it's currently only $40 — nearly 40 percent off for Nordstrom cardmembers in advance of the retailer's upcoming Anniversary Sale. Not yet part of the exclusivity? Sign up to get in on the early access action right now, or wait until July 28 for the sale to go public — just don't be surprised if your size is already out of stock.

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