Rat weekly horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you December 13 – 19

December 13, 2020 – December 19, 2020

RATS, it’s time to take care of your health and start taking positive steps toward your wellness. Don’t delay your well-being. 

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Monday is the start of a good week for your health concerns, Rats. 

Don’t be scared to schedule that visit to the doctor that is long overdue. You should totally focus on feeling your best before the year ends. Try to meal prep and have a set schedule for when you want to eat — it’s important to get your body used to specific hours. 

A friend may come to you for advice during the middle of the week, be open to lending an ear and don’t be judgemental towards them. If you approach the situation in a positive way, they will most likely make light-hearted choices. 

Spend time with family this weekend or schedule a Zoom date to catch up with them. It could do those relationships some good. 


Your great energy is infectious this week, Rats!

Potential suitors may want to hang around you due to your positive attitude, some may even ask for a second date!

Keep your options opened and feel free to say no to anyone you are not crazy about, there is nothing wrong about avoiding a situation that you feel may not be headed anywhere.

For coupled Rats, do an outdoor yoga class with your significant other or try mini-golfing this weekend. It could bring you two closer and it will be a good time to spend time in nature. 


Express yourself with your coworkers and don’t be afraid to disagree if they say something that doesn’t sound right to you.

This week will be great to complete any work tasks or to help arrange any pending job interviews. 

Remember to keep in mind any business plans you have that can benefit you come the new year. Where you are right now is not bad but think about prospering and how you want your future to look like in a few months. 

You may have an opportunity to find like-minded partners who could help you turn your dream into reality.

Types of Rats

Metal Rat: Smart, talented, hot-tempered, jealous, with a strong sense of self-awareness.

Water Rat: Talkative, shrewd, conservative, and wise.

Wood Rat: Independent, self-confident, virtuous and talented, with a strong sense of teamwork.

Fire Rat: Energetic, brave, quiet, cordial and friendly to their friends, but very strict with themselves.

Earth Rat: Amiable, honest, flexible, modest, serious, with a strong sense of self-esteem.

Spotlight Numerology

Aquarius Water Rat 1972: The Aquarius Water Rat has a life path number 11.

Those Rats with the life path number 11 are charismatic and sensitive. 

They have a deep understanding of others and their intentions.

Weekly Mantra

“I will always remember that I only have control over myself, and my choices.”

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