The best brushes for overgrown and damaged hair

Different bristles will suit different hair types.

With the nation back in lockdown, it’s back to home hair management as hairdressers are forced to shut shop again.

Your hair is likely growing longer and is in need of some care, particularly as the winter months tend to see hair become drier and more prone to shedding.

The humble hairbrush can actually have a big impact on your hair health.

It’s all about what kind of bristles you’re using and when you’re using them.

For example, hair is most vulnerable to damage when it’s brushed wet, but some people may find brushing dry hair affects their natural texture.

We’ve selected a variety of brushes to suit different hair types and concerns.

WetBrush Treasured Waters Speed Dry Brush

The open-vented bed allows for free air-flow while blow drying to speed up dry time and to lessen heat damage. WetBrush have designed their brushes to be used wet or dry, and their flexible bristles bend to ease out tangles gently.

Price: £13.99

Get it from Lookfantastic.

Manta Hairbrush 

The Manta Hairbrush was originally designed for cancer patients who were experiencing weakened hair from treatment. Being flexible all over the brush means the shape molds to your hands and hair while brushing. Fine and damaged hair will enjoy this.

Price: £28.50

Get it from Amazon.

Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

This widely spaced bristle brush prevents pulling and tugging. It’s said to work for all hair types, but has been hailed for those with curls and textured 4C hair. Brushing will bring natural oils from the scalp down the hair shaft – something that curly hair is less prone to do on its own.

Price: £13.99

Get it from Naturalist Products.

Charlotte Mensah Paddle Brush

Charlotte Mensah has been named Afro Hairdresser of the Year three times over at the British Hairdressing Awards. This paddle brush is cushioned and has rounded bristle ends to prevent pain while going over tangles.

Price: £22

Get it from Cult Beauty.

Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush

There’s a reason this brush has been a staple in many people’s kits for years. The varied bristle length will work well through thick hair as it catches knots both close to the scalp and within fuller strands.

Price: £12

Get it from Boots.

Denman D3 Medium Classic Styling Brush

Another classic in the hairbrush world for smoothing out hair. The harder bristles make this good for brushing a product through (like a hair mask) at the same time.

Price: £8.50

Get it from Lookfantastic.

Kent Brushes PF05 Narrow Bristle Brush

Nylon bristles can be tough on fine hair, making bristle brushes a better choice. The small head means you can focus on specific pieces of hair.

Price: £9.35

Get it from Boots.

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