TikTok user reveals bleach stain in knickers – and why your vagina is to blame

IF you take a look in your underwear drawer, it's more than likely there will be several pairs of knickers with bleach stains.

One TikTok user pulled several pairs of knickers out of her drawer and highlighted the "acidic properties" of the vagina.

Posting to the social media site, Alyssa Cochran-Caggiano pulled out the knickers from her underwear drawer and started to show users the colours inside.

She pulled out both black and pink knickers which had a bleach like stain inside.

The 21-year-old student from Massachusetts has racked up over a million likes for the video, which has also been shared nearly 25,000 times.

The video has over four million views and in it Alyssa questions how the vagina can produce such stains.

In the video she says: "Is no one else terrified by the bleaching properties of a vagina?

"These are clean underwear, how? How does she do that?"

Experts have revealed that the change in colour is all down to the pH levels in your vagina.

A pH level is the marker for how acidic or alkaline something is.

If anything has a pH level lower than seven it has acidic properties.

And a healthy vagina has a pH value of somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5.

According to the NHS naturally occurring bacteria called lactobactilli keep the vagina's pH at a normal level.

The acidity of your vaginal discharge is what protects you from nasty infections like thrush and bacterial vaginosis.

Naturally acidic

If you vaginas natural levels of acidity is off balance it can also leave you more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections.

So, it is your discharge that can stain or change the colour of your underwear – and it's particularly noticeable if your knickers are a dark colour like black.

The amount of vaginal discharge produced can vary from woman to woman.

It also changes regularly based on where a woman is at in her menstrual cycle.

Some women have a thicker discharge right before they get their period, others may notice a watery discharge when they are ovulating.

Your discharge is essentially your vaginas way of cleaning itself.

Speaking to BuzzFeed Dr Jennifer Lincoln said it's normal that your vagina is an acidic environment.

She added: "It’s healthy, and that’s because of the kind of bacteria that live there. And so, theoretically, if your discharge is slightly acidic, it could potentially change the color of fabric.

"I can’t say specifically it always does, or it doesn’t, or it varies, but it’s certainly possible."

t's important to work out what is normal for you and to speak to your GP if you notice your discharge has changed in colour or consistency.

And you should always avoid using soaps and vaginal douches, no matter how clean you think they are making you.

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