Um, Tiffany Haddish Just Got a Blonde Buzz Cut for the Golden Globes

Umm, in case you weren’t obsessively watching every single moment of the Golden Globes last night, lemme give you the highlights: Anya Taylor-Joy wore a T-R-U-L-Y slinky dress; Kaley Cuoco not winning an award was a whole wonderful mood; there were (unsurprisingly) awkward moments galore; and, perhaps most importantly to me, le beauty editor, queen Tiffany Haddish won the red carpet by showing up with a golden-blonde buzz cut.

Tiffany’s been living the short-hair life since July when she fully shaved her head (let us never forget her Instagram reveal of her newly buzzed head, where she stated the best part of being hairless is “when water hits my head it feels like kisses from God.” Honestly, an icon). But over the last seven months, her curls have officially grown out enough that she was able to bleach and dye it the honey-colored shade we all saw last night.

The new dye job was courtesy of hairstylist Ray Christopher, who shared some behind-the-scenes pics of Tiffany getting ready before the awards ceremony. “I colored Tiffany‘s hair a few days ago just to make sure it was the perfect color for this day,” he wrote in the caption of one of his Instagram photos of Tiffany.

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Christopher notes that he used the shades 7M and 9M from Redken’s EQ Matte series to dye Tiffany’s hair, then styled her curls day-of with SH-RD’s Protein Cream to “keep them strong,” along with a layer of Bevel’s Curl Crème.

Makeup artist Ernesto Casillas also played up the golden shades in her hair by keeping Tiffany’s eye makeup soft and smokey, her lips neutral, and her skin super glow-y and bright (FWIW, he used Shiseido’s Syncro Skin Radiant lifting foundation, but I suspect wizardry). The overall vibes? On par with an actual Golden Globes award statue.

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Is it just me, oooor do you also kinda wanna make a massive hair change right now? Brb while I go contemplate cutting my hair at home. (Someone stop me.)

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