We’re the world’s closest mum and daughter, we give each other bikini waxes and we even share our SEX tapes

A MUM and daughter have admitted that they’re so close they give each other bikini waxes and even share sex tapes.

Karla, 44, Rykia, 26 from Jacksonville, Alabama, do everything together whether that’s cooking, watching movies or twerking the pair are inseparable.

Rykia, who appears on the new series of TLC’s sMothered, explains: “My mother is the most important person in the world to me.

“I can lean on her, I can depend on her for anything and I appreciate that, I really, really do.

“We do everything together, I mean EVERYTHING. We watch movies together, cook together, twerk together.”

“She’s the first person I see when I wake up and the last person I see when I lay down,” adds Karla.

But while the two women love their close relationship, there are some who find their bond a little ‘weird.’

“I’ve had people say that we’re too close point blank,” Karla says.

“I don’t see why they think our relationship is so bizarre or weird,” adds Rykia.

The mum and daughter have absolutely no inhibitions happily helping each other out with bikini waxes.

Rykia says: “My mother and I have been waxing each other for quite some time now.”

Karla adds: “It shocks people if we share the things that we do.”

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the two women’s relationship is their candid and open approach to one another’s sex lives.

“I showed her my first sex tape about two years ago,” Karla admits.

“I showed her my first sex tape maybe a year ago,” Rykia adds, admitting that she wanted to get a second opinion and some advice from her mum.

“I had one significant other in the past that knew I shared the video with my mom and he was like ‘you guys are sick.’”

But Karla can’t see anything wrong with it.

She adds: “I’m proud that I created her that’s just what it comes down to, it makes me feel wonderful to love on her.”

The new series of sMothered is available to watch now on Discovery+

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