What you see first in this nature optical illusion will tell you how much you can rely on your intuition

THIS fun brainteaser will tell you a lot about your personality, including how much you can trust your intuition, and it's all in the first thing you see when you look at the image.

Just a quick glance at this drawing can tell you if you're a person who needs to slow down.

Some people look at this nature drawing and see a soft-lipped woman's face, while others immediately identify a cluster of pretty flowers.

The Bright Side explained exactly what that means about you…

If you see a woman's face

If you saw a woman's face in this picture it says that your intuition is pretty good and that you're an outward looking person who cares about others.

The experts said: "You often rely on your intuition and it doesn't usually let you down.

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"You're also attentive to what's happening in the world around you."

If you saw a cluster of flowers

Seeing a collection of flowers indicates that you need to retreat from time to time.

It also means that spending time outdoors could be a great way for you to wind down.

The expert said: "You someone who often feels the need to slow down and relax in nature."

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