Woman creates stunning rainbow wall in her room completely for FREE – but she had to sweet talk the man in the shop

FORGET needing to splash out on expensive wallpaper, a woman showed how she made a stunning rainbow wall for free using colour swatches.

TikTok user @skylarcapri uploaded a video showing how she managed to sweet talk the man in the shop into letting her have the samples for free.

She wrote in the video: “To the home depot employee who let my friends and I take 10,000 paint strips home for free.”

Skylar showed her basket filled to the brim with the colour swatches in different shades.

Next, the women started to attach them to their wall with tape, starting from pink shades on the left, going through to green on the right.

She added in the TikTok video caption: “We made the best music video with this wall just sayin. Thanks.”

Her purse-friendly DIY session has clearly gone down well online, as the video has racked up over 2.4million likes.

One person wrote: “Everyone is going to start doing this now.”

Another added: “I actually love this and a good idea for those people who can’t paint in rented places.”

A third joked: “I hope they don’t get mad at him.”

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