Woman swears by £4 eBay carpet tool which shows you just how filthy your ‘clean’ floors really are

IF YOU thought your carpets were cleaner than clean, you might want to think again as one woman has revealed just how filthy they really are using a bargain tool.

While the dirt might not be completely visible to the eye, your carpets are often clogged with dust, dirt and hair and that only builds up more and more over time.

One woman shared video evidence of the hidden build-up in her cream carpets while showing off a handy £4 carpet cleaner tool she came across on eBay.

It's listed as a Portable Lint Remover online and is also available on Amazon, with TikTok user @sxmxnthxhx swearing by it to spruce up her floors.

It's great for picking up all the dirt the hoover doesn't quite get too, with the woman revealing: "It’s so addictive I recommend you get one."

Showing how to use it, she ran the tool along her carpets, with it picking up the dirt as she did so – leaving her with a huge pile of mess that will leave you feeling queasy.

Fellow cleaning fans were quick to snap the carpet cleaner for themselves and raved about it in the comments.

"Did mine immediately after hoovering… got tonnes up," said one person.

Another admitted they got a little too carried away, adding: "I got one too – amazing I was at it for three hours my hand has two massive blisters now."

One suggested trying the tool on the sofa. They posted: "Yes! I love doing this on my couch it's soo satisfying."

Others were completely put off by the huge pile of dirt, with one person commenting: "And this is why I don't have carpets."

They weren't alone, another in favour of no carpets said: "Carpets are the unhealthiest every I DK why you even buy them (sic)."

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