Your Search for a Brandon Blackwood Bag Ends at Saks Fifth Avenue

Open Instagram, and you’re guaranteed to see fashion insiders touting at least one of the following items: a pair of oval sunglasses, an oversized button-down, or a Brandon Blackwood box bag.

The last item in the trifecta is typically the hardest to shop. As it turns out, Blackwood’s miniature totes are as recognized for their boxy shape as their sold-out notices, selling around 100,000 bags since opening his namesake label in 2015. It was his ESR tote, a bag embellished with “End Systemic Racism” in place of its logo, though, that landed Blackwood on many radars last year. (The tote was discontinued in March, to keep the bag’s message from becoming an over-commoditized trend.)

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With blue-checkmark fans like Chloe Bailey, Doja Cat, and Halle Berry, the brand is building on its momentum with a new partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue: a handful of exclusive styles that are very much still available.

Shop Brandon Blackwood at Saks Fifth Avenue

The Saks Fifth Avenue roster blends what Blackwood calls “elevated materials” (metallics and snakeskin) with Y2K-inspired flourishes like a Dalmatian print and all-over denim. Two bags come in a single-strap satchel silhouette; the others are variations of Blackwood’s signature miniature totes.

Choosing just one bag from the lineup may feel impossible, but Blackwood suggests grabbing the metallic-pink Kuei tote first. “It’s one of the hardest to make, and the material is so special,” he tells BAZAAR.

If history repeats itself, Blackwood’s exclusive designs for Saks Fifth Avenue won’t be available for long. We’d err on the side of swiping a bag now, instead of waiting—or hoping—for a restock later.

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