You’ve been washing your hair wrong – this is the correct way to get really silky locks

A WOMAN has wowed people online with an easy-to-follow hack that will leave you with luscious locks every single time.

Posting a video on TikTok, a woman by the name of Audrey Victoria has revealed how she achieves 'super soft and shiny hair'.

"You need to try this hair washing hack," she said in her upload.

To start, you simply need to shampoo and rinse your hair like normal before applying the conditioner.

The following steps are so easy, you'll be incorporating them into your routine every time you wash your hair.


"Wrap your hair in a wet and warm cotton shirt. Take it out after 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water," she said.

Once you have left your hair dry, that's the hack done.

At the end of the clip Audrey showed off her luscious hair, adding: "OMG so soft and shiny."

The video has been a hit online, as it has almost 1million views and thousands of comments.

"Omg I'm gonna try do that," one excited viewer commented.

"I love this hack so much," said another.

Another added: "Omg it works."

While a lot of people were impressed, some said they don't think it would work for the curly hair, but one curly-haired woman said this isn't true.

"Why is everyone saying this is only for straight hair? When I had my hair out I'd do this method and was doing it for years and it always worked," she said.

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