Cynthia Erivo Covers Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ as a Tribute to Frontline Workers (Video)

Cynthia Erivo performed a beautiful cover of Mariah Carey‘s classic song “Hero” as part of the 2020 National Memorial Day Concert!

The Oscar-nominated actress said that the song is “dedicated to all the new heroes fighting the frontlines of the COVID-19 virus.”

On Instagram, Cynthia added, “Their life lives in our memory and gives us our breath. Thank you #MemDayPBS for allowing me to honor ALL of our heroes.”

The concert aired on PBS this weekend and Cynthia also performed the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during the telecast.

“For our heroes; thank you for your strength and perseverance, it is perpetual,” Cynthia wrote as the caption for the second video. You can watch them all below!

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Click inside to watch the second performance video…

Watch the other performance below!

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Kenny Loggins Played at an Empty Hollywood Bowl for a Special Live Stream Concert!

Kenny Loggins did something super cool over the weekend – he played at the Hollywood Bowl to an empty crowd!

The 72-year-old singer performed some of his biggest hits, including “Footloose,” as part of WME talent agent Richard Weitz‘s RWQuarantunes live stream fundraiser.

Weitz and his 17-year-old daughter Demi have been raising money for the past two months with an online concert series and they’ve already raised more than $3 million for COVID-19 relief efforts.

“To think that two months ago when Demi and I started the RWQuarantunes that we would go from our kitchen to the Hollywood Bowl is not only surreal but very humbling,” Weitz told CNN.

Kevin Bacon appeared during the live stream this weekend to talk about the origin of the song “Footloose,” which was written for his movie of the same name.

“When we were making the movie, we didn’t have the song yet,” Kevin said. “In the middle of shooting, Kenny was still writing the song. It was just Kenny on an acoustic guitar, that was the demo … I heard the song and was like, ‘Yeah, That’s cool.’ It just hits you. I did what I could, but I don’t think the movie would have been what it was without it.”

The Hollywood Bowl will be closed for the 2020 summer season, so it was a special treat to have the iconic venue opened for the live stream concert!

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Thank you to Richard and Demi Weitz and to all those who donated and participated in last night’s @rwquarantunes in support of the LA Phil and YOLA and @nokidhungry. 👏💕🎶

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Cameron Diaz Plans to Be ‘Selective’ About Her Potential Return to Acting

Cameron Diaz is still only focusing on motherhood.

The 47-year-old actress, who announced at the beginning of the year that she welcomed Raddix, her first child with husband Benji Madden, is being “selective” when it comes to her potential return to acting, according to ET on Monday (May 25).

Cameron is enjoying her time away from the action, and spending it with her husband and baby Raddix. Cameron worked consistently for almost 20 years and needed a break,” a source told the outlet.

Cameron loves being a mother and that is her main focus now. Cameron plans to be selective in any projects she considers for the future, but for now it’s all about family,” they went on to say.

She recently had an “Instagram fail” during a live interview, and it was very relatable. See what happened!

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Why OutDaughtered fans are surprised by new photos of Parker

Fans of the show OutDaughtered were surprised when Busby matriarch Danielle recently posted a new picture of Olivia, Hazel, and Parker on Instagram. While Parker may be a quint, as we’ve seen over the course of the show, all of the Busby quints have their own distinctive personalities and are very different. 

Parker stands out from her siblings in the photo — literally. In the photo, she is roughly half a head taller than Olivia and Hazel, leaving fans shocked at how much she has grown. “Parker is so tall,” commented one fan on the photo (via CheatSheet). Other fans agreed, with one of them adding, “They’re all growing up too quick.”

It seems like Parker shot up recently, as a pic of the quints posted on Instagram in April in honor of their 5th birthday shows Parker as the tallest quint, but only by an inch or so.

Being tall isn't the only way Parker stands out from the other quints

Parker is the tallest of the quints, and she’s also the shyest. Fans have expressed their concern for Parker before as she’s often seemed upset in photos. “Parker always looks so sad,” said one person in the comments of a photo of the quints posted on Instagram in October (via TV Shows Ace).

Last July, Parker was seen visiting an occupational therapist on OutDaughtered as the Busbys noticed their daughter was often stressed out in new situations. The therapist confirmed that Parker is quite shy and suggested that the family “work on expanding those opportunities to play with other kids.” She added, “Taking her to the park, yoga, that can help her learn to… become calm.”

Hopefully the new season of OutDaughtered — which will be self-shot due to the COVID-19 pandemic — will show a happy Parker overcoming her shyness and also give fans a glimpse at just how much she and the other quints have grown.

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Queen Guitarist Brian May Wants No Sympathies After Confessing About Heart Attack Scare

In a video he shares on social media, the British rocker admits he is grateful to be alive as he breaks down his medical adventures that led to the finding of three blocked arteries.

AceShowbizBrian May has had a near death experience. Weeks after he was rushed to the hospital because of a gardening injury, the lead guitarist of Queen confessed that he suffered a heart attack during the recovery period which led to doctors finding out that he had three blocked arteries.

On Monday, May 25, the 72-year-old rocker posted a video on his Instagram account. “Titled My medical adventures,” its caption read, “Hmm … Sheer Heart Attack eh ? Well, I think I always worried a little bit about that album title. I wondered if it might upset some people who had actually had heart attacks. I’m actually quite relieved now that I’m in that club – and I don’t find it upsetting at all !”

In the video itself, Brian recounted the events leading to his heart attack starting from his bizarre gardening accident. “I told you I had a ripped muscle and that was the way I was diagnosed and we thought it was like a bizarre gardening accident,” he began. “I had an MRI and yes I did have a rip in my gluteus maximus and its so easy to make a connection, there’s a rip there so that must be the cause of the pain, end of story. And no other tests were done.”

“Now a week later I’m still in agony. I mean real agony. I wanted to jump at some points. I could not believe the pain,” he continued sharing. “And people are saying ‘that’s not like a ripped muscle’, so eventually I had another MRI. But this one I had one of the lower spine and sure enough we would discover that I had a compressed sciatic nerve, quite severely compressed, which is why I felt like someone had been putting a screwdriver in my back the entire time. It was excruciating.”

Assuring that he is a lot better from his back pain, Brian pushed forth with his next health issue. “I was shocked, I thought I was a healthy guy. Everyone says I’ve got a great blood pressure and I keep fit, I bike, good diet. I had – in the middle of the whole saga of the painful backside – I had a small heart attack,” he confessed.

“I say small, it’s not something that did me any harm. It was about 40 minutes of pain in the chest and tightness. It’s that feeling in the arms and sweating,” he recounted. “And you kind of know, you’ve heard things and you think ‘this is a heart attack’. To cut a long story short, my wonderful doctor drove me to the hospital himself and I had an angiogram.”

Doctors soon discovered that the rocker had “three arteries that were congested and in danger of blocking the supply of blood to my heart.” Though advised to undergo open heart surgery, he explained that he made a decision to instead put three stents inside his heart. “It wasn’t that easy, but the only reason it wasn’t easy for me was because of the pain, the excruciating pain I had in my leg,” he said.

Having recovered from the procedure, Brian claimed that he “walked out with a heart that is very strong now.” He went on to share, “I’m very grateful that I now have a life to lead again. I was very near death because of this, but the pain that I had was from something very different. It’s funny how these things work. But I’m good.” He then stressed, “Please don’t send me sympathies, because I’m good.”

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Wears Pajamas With Husband Freddie Prinze Jr’s Face on Them For Quarantine Tip Instagram

Sarah Michelle Gellar is continuing on with her quarantips on her Instagram, and her latest is hilarious.

The -year-old actress shared her new tip of the day, which focused on a setting a good example for your kids, all while wearing pajamas featuring her husband, Freddie Prinze, Jr‘s, face on them.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sarah Michelle Gellar

“SMG tip of the day: Wearing daytime pajamas and then changing into nighttime pajamas sets a good example for your children,” she shared in the video.

She added, “You know, for when they go into the business world.”

Earlier in the month, Sarah pulled out the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer prom dress she wore on the show.

You can also get more details about Sarah and Freddie‘s relationship on here.

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#smgtipoftheday Be an example #quarantip Children are our future

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Make-up guru Charlotte Tilbury's company tipped to sell for a fortune

The beauty queen on her way to £1bn: She made Kate Moss sparkle and bottled Gisele’s golden glow – now celebrity make-up guru Charlotte Tilbury’s company is tipped to sell for a fortune

She’s the woman who gave Kate Moss her trademark feline eye, who bottled the golden glow of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and has transformed A-listers and ordinary folk alike.

And now flame-haired make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury is on course to become richer than many of her Hollywood clients.

After a year of talks, the 47-year-old make-up artist is said to be approaching a deal for the sale of her eponymous beauty brand.

With rumours that it could go for as much as £1 billion, and interested parties reportedly including Unilever and a prestige beauty brand, a deal could put Charlotte — who is listed as a ‘person with significant control’ of the brand’s parent company, Islestarr Holdings — on track for a pay day of as much as £500million.

Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury was the woman who gave Kate Moss her trademark feline eye

It would be quite a coup for the woman who calls herself a ‘hippy in killer heels’, and models herself as a British Estee Lauder (a brand once rumoured to be interested in buying Charlotte Tilbury).

From Hollywood friends and a penchant for the supernatural, to an unconventional upbringing and very strong views about cosmetics, BETH HALE looks behind Charlotte Tilbury’s perfectly painted exterior . . .


You could say that Charlotte was born into the world of celebrity.

Her parents, Lance and Patsy, were the original posh hippies: he an artist, she a producer, who met at a full-moon party on the Balearic island of Formentera, and later decided to make their home on the neighbouring isle Ibiza.

Charlotte was born in the UK, but moved to the White Isle aged just nine months. There was no telephone and intermittent electricity, but glamour-a-plenty.

She recalls hanging out in the pool at the Ku Club — described as the wildest club in the world at the time — with her little sister, Leah, while their parents boogied the night away as Grace Jones or James Brown performed.

Charlotte Tilbury’s parents, Lance and Patsy, were the original posh hippies: he an artist, she a producer

When it got too late, the girls would simply go to sleep in the car.

‘We were brought up around a lot of creative people in the film, fashion and music industry. I didn’t really know who they were half the time,’ she has said.

‘I remember running around with Freddie Mercury; Laurence Olivier was always in the bar. ‘

The young Charlotte went to a local school, where she was apparently taught astrophysics by a man called Ra and did homework on telepathy.

At 13, boarding school in the UK beckoned, but in the holidays the teenager’s world view was shaped by pool parties with the Rolling Stones and drinks with supermodels, artists and hippies.

No wonder she says of her childhood: ‘I still miss it — wild with complete freedom.’


Mum Patsy taught Charlotte that ‘lipstick is instant glamour’. But it was a brush with a mascara wand that really got the ball rolling.

Until she went to boarding school, Charlotte had never worn make-up, and for a fair-skinned, pale-lashed teenager, mascara was a revelation.

‘I suddenly became more popular overnight. Everyone from 17 to 70 on the island reacted to me in such a different way. I realised make-up was my secret weapon.’

Never short on self-belief, she says she knew she would have her own brand even then.

Her first job was assisting Princess Diana’s make-up artist Mary Greenwell, a family friend whom Charlotte had first met on the beach in Ibiza, aged 11.

After training at London’s Glauca Rossi School of Make-Up, she joined Greenwell behind the scenes at Nineties fashion shows.

It was a jet-set start. ‘I remember being backstage at a runway show for the first time, and every single supermodel was in a room: Claudia, Christy, Naomi, Cindy, Stephanie, Linda and Helena,’ she said. ‘It was intimidating, but it was also just sort of breathtaking.’

After doing hard graft for a photographic agency, Charlotte’s ascent was stratospheric, working for Vogue, Vanity Fair, billboard campaigns and red-carpet events.

Eventually, she gave up covering Paris Fashion Week because it conflicted with the Oscars, for which her dazzling client list includes Naomi Watts, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman.

The make-up artist had to turn down Paris Fashion Week because it conflicted with the Oscars,for which her client list includes Naomi Watts, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman 

She went on to become creative director for beauty brand Helena Rubinstein, created lipstick lines for Armani and Alexander McQueen and the first cosmetics line for Tom Ford.

Finally, she started her own brand, Charlotte Tilbury, in 2013. Guests at her launch event at Selfridges included Helena Bonham Carter, Jasmine Guinness and Cara Delevingne, and there were women queuing around the block to get their hands on her products.

There were similar scenes when she launched in the U.S. and Amsterdam, and the brand is now available in 76 countries.

In 2017, U.S. venture capital firm Sequoia bought a minority stake in the business, while other backers include the photo- grapher Mario Testino and model Stella Tennant.

Sales rose to £145 million in 2018, according to the most recent accounts filed at Companies House, although it made a pre-tax loss of £2.1 million.

However, the accounts made clear that since then the company has launched in Space NK and Sephora stores in Europe, and begun trading on Tmall, China’s equivalent of Amazon.

Never backwards in coming forwards, Charlotte’s career has been marked by her utter conviction in her own ability.

‘I’ve always been driven, so I knew I would be successful,’ she said. ‘I’m the only make-up artist I know to have had the September issue cover of U.S. Vogue, UK Vogue and French Vogue in the same year.’

THE £18.5m HOME

A long-time resident of exclusive Notting Hill in West London, Charlotte lives with her film producer husband George Waud, 53, and sons Flynn, ten, and five-year-old Valentine.

The couple wed in 2014, the same year her divorce from actor Charles Forbes was finalised, after eight years of marriage. Charlotte has since said they realised they were better friends than lovers.

The secret cream the stars love

If there’s one Charlotte Tilbury product that gets women excited, it’s her best-selling Magic Cream (£75 for 50ml).

Inspired by her artist father’s focus on priming a canvas, she first whipped up the moisturiser to use on models’ skin for fashion shows in the Nineties. The backstage cry to ‘get me the secret cream’ soon spread.

So when it came to setting up her own brand, Magic Cream — containing camellia oil, rosehip oil, bionymph peptides and hyaluronic acid — was the first product developed.

During its North American launch, it sold out in six minutes and according to the brand, a jar sells every two minutes.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream costs £75 for 50ml

It was something of a whirlwind; in a single year she got divorced, remarried, had her second child and launched Charlotte Tilbury in America.

In fact, her schedule was so busy that her wedding — which ended at 1am at trendy London restaurant Chiltern Firehouse — was only four days before her due date.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a woman who considers midnight to be an early night, she was back at work — baby in tow — a couple of weeks after giving birth.

Last year, she splashed out £18.5 million on a five-storey period property in Notting Hill, and a neighbouring £3.8 million flat, and has lodged plans to join the two properties to create a mega-townhouse with wine cellar, five bedrooms, three dressing rooms, a yoga studio and a separate annexe for her staff.

Staff are necessary when you work and play as hard as Charlotte, who still spends summers on Ibiza. Dubbed her ‘dream team’, they include an executive assistant and a personal assistant — one of whom usually wakes her up — a nanny and a housekeeper.

Keeping things in the family, her sister, Leah, is Charlotte Tilbury’s director of brand creative, while her niece, Sofia, is a brand ambassador, make-up artist and product and content creator.

By her own admission, Charlotte is no domestic goddess, but she prides herself on her cocktails.

Her favourites are a raspberry rascal (champagne, crushed raspberries and vodka) or a ‘skinny bitch’ (vodka, soda, lemon). ‘I’m a bit of a 24-hour girl. There’s never a dull moment with me.’


Charlotte — who calls everyone ‘darling’ — is possibly more A-List than some of her clients.

She has been one of Kate Moss’s besties ever since they met more than 20 years ago on a shoot, and the model is godmother to both of Charlotte’s sons. Kate was a guest at Charlotte’s first wedding, on Ibiza in 2006, where guests included Jade Jagger. And no prizes for guessing who did Kate’s make-up for her 2011 wedding to rocker Jamie Hince.

Charlotte has also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, to name a few, and did Amal Clooney’s make-up when she married George in 2014. J.K. Rowling is another client and, in recent years, seems to have taken inspiration from Charlotte’s own look, dyeing her hair a similar shade of red.  

J.K. Rowling is another client and, in recent years, seems to have taken inspiration from Charlotte’s own look, dyeing her hair a similar shade of red

Charlotte’s Hot Lips lipstick shades are named after the women who inspire her — including Amal (Amazing Amal), Rowling (JK Magic), Kylie Minogue (Dancefloor Princess) and Susan Sarandon (Red Hot Susan). It’s not hard to imagine that there’s a discreet battle among stars hoping to win such an honour.

However, one actress was less than impressed to discover a product had been given her name. Last year, Brooke Shields took legal action against the company when she discovered a brow pencil had been named BrookeS. The company denied any wrongdoing, a judge dismissed part of the case and it was later settled.


Titian-haired Charlotte always takes looking your best to the extreme; she wore full make-up and a black negligee to give birth, and her motto is ‘smoky eyes ’til you die’.

It’s no wonder she gets through two kohl pencils and a wand-and-a-half of mascara a month.

Contrary to beauty convention, she even wears make-up to bed (which must play havoc with the satin pillowcases she swears by for stopping wrinkles).

She claims that, on her mother’s advice to ‘keep the mystery alive’, no man has seen ever seen her without cosmetics. She locks her bathroom door every night while she removes her make-up, then re-applies her eyeliner and mascara before re-entering the bedroom.

She once unapologetically declared that after the birth of her first-born, she didn’t want to look at him (‘too squeamish’) until she’d had a shower, washed her face and re-applied her make-up.

A devotee of the little black dress, Charlotte has 250 in her wardrobe, but does dabble in colour occasionally. She owns 300-odd pairs of heels and says the only flats she owns are a pair of Wellington boots to wear to festivals. Claiming to find exercise ‘boring’, she asserts that high heels ‘give you the best bum’.

However, she has other ways of keeping healthy.

She once climbed Machu Picchu in Peru — wearing full make-up, of course — to have her crystals blessed, and consults clairvoyants and follows astrology and tarot.

She also takes homeopathic drops and Vitamin C, and uses acupuncture and a healer when in LA — although she says she still loves a full English breakfast.

Blessed with a veritable bucket-load of self-confidence, she insists she never feels insecure around the beautiful women with whom she works.

‘I’m crazy about beautiful women and crazy about women who make the most of themselves,’ she said.

‘Like Helena Rubinstein said: “There are no ugly women — only lazy ones”.’


What is Charlotte’s formula for business success? To quite literally give her customers a formula.

From the start, the brand’s selling point has been giving women a look to aspire to and the instructions on how to achieve it.

There is a library of ten looks. Want to bring out your inner Kate Moss? Try the Rock Chick.

Prefer something more glossy? Try the Golden Goddess or The Vintage Vamp.

For £165 you can buy all the products to complete the look, each with step-by-step instructions.

The cosmetics guru has enhanced her brand by harnessing the power of social media to tell her fans how they can look like her Hollywood clients.

She has 3.5 million Instagram followers, and her ‘feline flick’ tutorial on YouTube has been viewed 5.7 million times.

She famously said 50 per cent of women in the UK don’t engage with make-up. ‘It’s crazy — they have this weapon in their arsenal and they don’t use it.’

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Prince William, Duchess Kate Might Not Send Princess Charlotte Back to School

Staying close. Prince William and Duchess Kate might continue to homeschool Princess Charlotte even if her school opens in the summer after closing for months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The duke, 37, and Duchess of Cambridge, 38, are considering keeping Charlotte, 5, at home even if Thomas’s school in Battersea — where she and Prince George both attend — makes the decision to resume in-person classes this summer, according to the Sunday Times.

If the school does reopen, it will be expected to comply with the U.K. government’s guidance rules and only bring back students in “reception, year 1 and year 6,” the paper reports. Although Charlotte is in reception, George, 6, is in year 2 and is not in an eligible group to return. However, the royal couple want to keep their children together and might not send Charlotte back to school without George.

A source told Us Weekly in April that Kate was “always against” homeschooling her children but now “doesn’t have any choice.”

“St Thomas’s school is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and George and Charlotte are being taught online at Anmer Hall,” the insider said at the time. “When it comes to running quality online education, St Thomas’s is up there with the best.”

Kate — who also shares her 2-year-old son, Prince Louis, with William — has laid down some ground rules for her children while they are learning at home. They aren’t allowed to use iPads, computers or other electronics and their TV time is limited. The source revealed that it’s taken George and Charlotte “a while to adjust” as they shifted to homeschooling.

“Being educated from home is a shock to the system for [them],” the source explained. “To begin with, they were easily distracted and wanted to play together instead of sitting at a computer, but Kate’s now got them into a routine. … [She] is mainly in charge of the homeschooling and playtimes, but William is also very involved too.”

Kate revealed in an interview with ITV on May 7 that George has found it especially difficult to adapt to a new way of learning.

“George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects. Spider sandwiches are far cooler than literacy work!” she explained.

Despite the challenges, the kids have had some fun moments during homeschool. Kate shared in a video chat with veterans on May 8 that her children were working on a special school project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

“The school has sent all the children a challenge, and they’re currently learning the lyrics to the song ‘We’ll Meet Again,’” Kate told residents at Mais House. “It’s been really lovely having that playing every day.”

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Future’s ‘High Off Life’ Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200!

Future is flying high!

The rapper debuted at No. 1 with his new album High Off Life on the Billboard 200 as of Sunday (May 24), via Billboard.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Future

The album moved 153,000 equivalent album units in its first week – his biggest week to date for a solo album.

High Off Life’s overall start of 153,000 units also marks the rapper’s biggest week in terms of units earned, for a solo album, surpassing the 151,000-unit launch of DS2 in August 2015 at No. 1. (Future has logged one larger week, by way of his joint album with Drake, What a Time to Be Alive, which bowed at No. 1 with 376,000 in October of 2015.),” the publication reported.

Congratulations, Future!

Check out the full Top 10…

1. Future, High Off Life
2. Polo G, The Goat
3. Lil Baby, My Turn
4. Drake, Dark Lane Demo Tapes
5. DaBaby, Blame It On Baby
6. Lil Uzi Vert, Eternal Atake
7. The Weeknd, After Hours
8. Post Malone, Hollywood’ Bleeding
9. Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, Reunions
10. NAV, Good Intentions

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Dwyane Wade Hair Makeover: NBA Star Dyes His Locks Red While Hanging With Daughter Zaya, 12

Dwyane Wade proved he went from pink to bright red locks when he showed off the new look while having fun with his daughter Zaya in a hilarious video on May 23.

Dwyane Wade, 38, is a risk taker when it comes to his hair color and he proved it in his latest TikTok video! The former professional basketball player shared a funny clip that shows him showing off a brand new bright red hair makeover while hanging out with his newly pink-haired daughter Zaya, 12, on May 23 and we’re loving it! In the clip, Zaya moves her lips to a sound bite that says, “No, I did not slap her, I just high-fived her face” and Dwyane then goes on to look from her to the camera with a hilarious confused look. The proud dad’s red locks look pretty good on him in the memorable moment and Zaya’s pink ones are equally as stylish.

Dwyane’s public reveal of his new red hair comes just one day after he showed off pink hair similar to Zaya’s in a new pic on Instagram. Although we’re not positive if the pic was just filtered to look pink or if the athlete indeed dyed his hair from pink to red, but either way, he definitely looks great in both shades!

𝐿𝑖𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠𝑠!!!!! #ZayaWade

♬ original sound – lightycxrson

Ever since Dwyane has retired from professional basketball, he’s been showing off light-hearted posts that include not just himself but his family as well and his latest hair makeover pics and videos just add to the trend. In addition to Zaya, Dwyane has showed off epic moments with his wife Gabrielle Union, 47, and his other kids, including his adorable one-year-old daughter Kaavia. One recent quarantine video helped to show off a prank he and Gabrielle pulled on their youngest child and it was the cutest thing ever. In the clip, Gabrielle is hiding as Dwyane films his baby girl and asks her, “Where did Mommy go?” Within seconds, the actress jumps out from behind the wall and little Kaavia lets out a high-pitched squeal that made everyone in the room laugh.

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