NCIS season 17, episode 21 release date: When does NCIS return?

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NCIS season 17 was cut short due to the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 shutting down production on the CBS series. This has left fans wondering when the show will be returning with new episodes of the crime procedural – here’s what you need to know.

When does NCIS return?

Season 17 of NCIS ended early before its final four episodes could be completed when production shut down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

This means the de facto season finale of the show was episode 20, which aired back on April 14.

Called The Arizona, viewers will remember it saw the team attempting to prove the truth about a Pearl Harbor veteran.

As a result of the shorter season, fans have been eager to know when the final episodes of the show will be released.


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CBS has confirmed they will not be broadcast as part of season 17 but will instead be incorporated into season 18.

NCIS has been renewed for a groundbreaking 18th outing already and it is due to return in the autumn.

According to the network, the show will be back in its usual Tuesday evening time slot when it returns later this year.

An exact date has not been given but it is expected premiere in September, as this is when previous seasons have launched.

For instance, season 17 began airing on September 24, 2019 and season 16 on September 25, 2018.

The showrunners have also confirmed the original episode 21 of season 17 will be filmed as planned when they return to production.

Speaking to TV Line, Frank Cardea said: “Episode 21 was two days away from production.

“The sets are built and now locked up in our stages, the locations were pulled, the actors had been cast.


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“That’s probably what we will shoot first [whenever production resumes].”

As well as this, Cardea confirmed they will be proceeding with episode 22 as planned as well.

This is because this marks the 400th episode of the CBS procedural and Cardea has revealed they plan to show it as episode two of season 18.

He also gave a hint about the original season 17 finale of the show, and what will happen to the intended conclusion.


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Cardea told the publication: “The envisioned season finale did not have a cliffhanger ending but was planned to have a very surprising ending.

“More of a reveal/development, as you phrased it. We do plan to go forward with that episode in the early part of season 18, but will probably reevaluate the ending when the time comes.”

There has been no clear date revealed yet about when filming will resume for season 18.

However, it is expected to be back in action towards the end of the summer as lockdown eases in California.

NCIS season 18 is expected to air later in 2020.

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Doctor Strange's 'Thor: Ragnarok' Costume Hasn't Appeared in the MCU Since

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans love to appreciate the costumes and details that appear in the films. However, sometimes the viewers are slightly disappointed. Some MCU fans were pretty upset with the direction Doctor Strange’s costume took in the movies, according to a recent Reddit thread. One thing was clear: MCU viewers loved the design and aesthetic of the popular fictional superhero in Thor: Ragnarok. One comment in the discussion simply read, “Yea it’s a really great costume.” For the most part, many people were eager to agree. Find out more about the costume and why it has caused some controversy in the Marvel Cinematic community. 

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What costume does Doctor Strange wear in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok premiered in 2017, and since then, the movie has become very popular. In the action-packed film, Doctor Strange’s costume had become a huge hit. As one fan put it, “The costume Strange wears in this movie is damn badass.” So what exactly did Doctor Strange’s costume look like in Thor: Ragnarok? The subtle red cape complimented the doctor’s mysterious yet charming features. In addition, the costume highlight Dr. Stephen Strange’s amulet which captures his power and personality. A fan stated, “Hell, this movie made Doctor Strange’s shirt emblem and washer gloves look phenomenal!” All-in-all fans were very pleased with the costume, but now that seems to be changing. Find out what MCU fans have been saying about Doctor Strange’s costumes since Thor: Ragnarok.  

What have Marvel Cinematic Universe fans been saying about Doctor Strange’s costumes? 

It was evident that MCU fans loved seeing Doctor Strange’s costume in Thor: Ragnarok, which begs the question, what happened to make fans so upset over this topic? In the Reddit discussion, one fan explained, “Okay, so today in my Rewatch of the full MCU, I finally get to Thor: Ragnarok. I’m so far 20 minutes in, and something occurred to me that has been bugging me for a while now. WHY THE HELL WASN’T DOCTOR STRANGE’S COSTUME USED IN THE FUTURE?!” 

MCU fans seem extremely upset that MCU let such a great costume fall to the wayside. Many viewers are having trouble understanding why this decision was made in the first place. It is a good question, and even if fans don’t necessarily have the answer, they weren’t shy about expressing their opinions and frustrations on the manner. 

What is going on with Doctor Strange’s costume in Infinity War and Endgame

In April of 2018 MCU viewers and fans excitedly watched Infinity War. Almost exactly one year later, Endgame hit the theatres. Though many fans were happy with the content of the movies, there were a lot of mixed feelings surrounding Doctor Stange’s costumes. Instead of wearing the impressive and sleek costume, the superhero wore in Thor: Ragnarok Doctor Strange appeared on-screen in one of the first versions of his costumes. Some MCU fans were confused and others were more upset. One viewer posted, “It always struck me as odd that they go back to the first Doctor Strange costume.” To many fans, the decision simply did not make sense. 

Other fans couldn’t get over what they saw as a missed opportunity on Marvel Cinematic Universe’s behalf. This comment read, “it makes me irritated knowing he doesn’t get to don that in action in Infinity War and Endgame!” Many MCU viewers agree with these frustrations. However, some fans and viewers are holding out for hope. In the discussion, a loyal fan wrote, “I just hope they bring this back for Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness. Like, is it just me or do others feel the same way?” It is clear that many fans would love to see Doctor Strange’s costume from Thor: Ragnarok make a comeback in the future.

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Priyanka Chopra Shares Photo Taken on Her First Date with Husband Nick Jonas: 'I Love You'

In December, the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary after tying the knot during a Western wedding in Chopra Jonas’ home country of India on Dec. 1, 2018. Then, they wed in a traditional Hindu ceremony the next day, and subsequently held several wedding receptions.

“It was really lovely,” she told PEOPLE at the 15th Annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City of their anniversary celebrations, which included surprising Jonas with a new German shepherd puppy named Gino.

“It was good to get away from all the work that we’ve been doing. He’s been on tour, I’ve been filming a movie, so it was nice to just sort of disconnect,” Chopra Jonas added. “Even if it was just two days, it was enough.”

Currently, the pair is self-isolating together amid the coronavirus pandemic — and finding new ways to stay creative.

In an article written for Vogue, Chopra Jonas shared how she and her husband have been passing the time, noting that they have been encouraging each other to "sharpen our creative skills and develop projects we want to produce."

Along with watching critically-acclaimed movies and television shows, Chopra Jonas said that the singer has been giving her piano lessons.

"I’ve also started the piano — I make my husband teach me," she revealed. "I’ve never played, but I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, so I make him give me a half-hour or 45-minute lesson every day."

Not only is Jonas an "in-house piano teacher," the actress said, but he's also "an in-house physical trainer, and in-house writing partner."

Chopra Jonas went on to share that she's taken a "hip-hop dance class too, because I miss dancing!"

"I’ve also been working on my book a lot, and this time is going to help me finish it," she added. "This time is, fortunately, and unfortunately, given me time to think about finishing that book."

As to whether babies are in their future?

The Jonas Brothers musician previously said in an April 2019 interview with Extra that they were in no rush and “taking [their] time” when it came to having kids.

And Chopra Jonas told InStyle in June that having children with her husband is definitely on the horizon — but when the time is right.

“I want my existence to have meant something. I want my kids to turn around and be like, ‘Yeah, that was my mom,’ ” the actress said.

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Does Reese Witherspoon Regret Her Marriage to Ryan Phillippe?

ReeseWitherspoon is known for her performances in Legally Blonde and SweetHome Alabama. However, there was a time when she was mostly known for hermarriage to actor Ryan Philippe. Does Witherspoon regret her decision to marryPhillippe? Here’s what the actress once said about their relationship.

How Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe met

Witherspoon and Phillippe met in 1997 at her 21st birthdayparty. The actress was impressed with Phillippe when she first laid eyes on him.She tellsJane magazine in a 1999 interview that when she first met him, she toldhim he was her birthday present.

“I met him at my 21st birthday party,” Witherspoon told thepublication. “I don’t know what came over me–maybe the seven Midori sours–but Itold him, ‘I think you’re my birthday present.’ He thought it was soflattering, and now that I think about it… how embarrassing!”

Reese Witherspoon’s current husband is Jim Toth

Witherspoon met Toth the same way she met Phillippe. Thepair first met at a mutual friend’s party back in 2010. At the time, Toth was atalent agent at Creative Arts Agency, which is where Witherspoon is a client. Thecircumstances surrounding their first meeting was a bit of a mess. Witherspoonsays a drunk man tried to hit on her and Toth came over to extinguish the awkwardsituation. Here’s what Witherspoon shared with Elleabout their meeting:

It happened out of the blue. This really drunk guy was hitting on me, making such an idiot of himself, yelling at me. He was like, [slurring, scowling, pointing a finger in my face].

[He said], ‘You don’t know me.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I know. I don’t know you!’ Jim came over and said, ‘Please excuse my friend. He’s just broken up with someone.’ Jim was a really good friend, pulling him out of that situation. That’s just kind of who he is, a really good person.”

Does Reese Witherspoon regret marrying Ryan Phillippe?

In 2015, Phillippe told LarryKing he and Witherspoon split because they were just too young. “I thinkmore of the problem was age,” he told King. “When we got together, we were soyoung. I think it can create issues with two people in this industry becausethere’s so much noise that goes along with it.”

Does Witherspoon regret their marriage? Things didn’t work outbetween the two, but the actress told the Lorraine show she has noregrets.

“I got married when I was 23 and I had two kids by the timeI was 27,” says Witherspoon. “I don’t know, sometimes it’s good to knowyourself [before getting married]. I would never change anything. I saidto  my daughter, by 25 you start to knowyourself a little bit better.”

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Normal People’s Paul Mescal gushes over ‘legend’ Daisy Edgar Jones in birthday post full of behind-the-scenes pics – The Sun

NORMAL People's Paul Mescal posted a cute birthday message to his co-star Daisy Edgar Jones.

The actor delighted fans as he shared pictures of the two on-screen lovers on set of the hit BBC1 series.

The 24-year-old captioned the black and white images with the charming message: "Happy birthday to this LEGEND! You are one of a kind. Have the best day ever."

His co-star replied, commenting: "THANK YOU PAULIO," with a string of yellow heart emojis.

The actor, who plays Connell, delighted fans of the show by sharing the behind-the-scenes photos of himself and character Marianne, including a shot of Daisy smiling on a doorstep.

Another showed them laughing between takes sat at a table, on stage at a press conference, while another shows Daisy as Marianne getting her make-up touched up.

The actor has done a stellar job in the steamy BBC drama, which sees him nude on several occasions in saucy sex scenes.

Mescal says he would relish the chance to return for season 2 – but claims it’s “not on the cards”.

Paul played Connell Waldron, the male lead in Rooney's novel of young love, and the subsequent 12-part BBC adaptation by the same name which has been a lockdown smash hit.

The actor admitted the ending left many “unanswered” questions between his character and love interest Marianne.

But, with Rooney having never written a sequel or follow-up to her best-selling book, Paul said he wasn’t sure whether we’d see a series 2.

The Irishman told Wonderland Magazine: “Oh, there's no question that character to me is still alive and breathing and very much has a lot of life left to live, and has a relationship with Marianne that is maybe unfinished.

“I do feel like the series that has finished is its own thing, and I'm totally comfortable with that.

“It's not on the cards at the moment, but if I got the opportunity to play him again, amazing.”

Normal People follows the turbulent relationship between working-class Connell and well-off Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) – which includes a total of 41 minutes of sex during the 12 episodes.

Paul admitted feeling perplexed by the fame he has gained since the series first aired, particularly as he’s spent it all at his London home during lockdown.

He said: “I feel the success of the show when I pick my phone up, but when I put my phone down, nothing has changed from before or after the release.”

Paul's new show is grabbing the attention of fellow celebrities, as Katy Perry poked fun at the non-stop sex scenes and suggested a raunchy new title for the BBC drama.

The pregnant star – who is expecting a baby with Orlando Bloom – tweeted: “The show should be renamed: ‘We Have Much More Sex Than NORMAL PEOPLE'”.

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Coronation Street fans fear David Platt is having a breakdown after he knocks teen off bike in violent outburst – The Sun

CORONATION Street fans are worried David Platt might have Borderline Personality Disorder as he continues to put himself in dangerous situations for weeks.

Tonight's episode opened with David – played by Jack P Shepherd – running at full speed and almost barelling into a local buying a newspaper.

When he gets home his mum Gail (Helen Worth) worried David was punishing himself when he returned breathless from the run.

David insisted he had to run fast to stop the "pack of hungry wolves" chasing him because they were "right on my heels".

Later in the episode, Gail calls his sister Sarah (Tina O'Brien) to come over and help her because David's locked himself in his room.

He emerged enraged because he's just found out his wife Shona (Julia Goulding) is being taken to visit her son Clayton in jail.

So he set out on another run after complaining about the "hungry wolves" again.

But he then saw an opportunity to get himself into trouble, approaching some teenagers on bikes and shoved one of them over before irritating him further by stamping on his bike.

David sprinted off as the raging youths started to chase him.

The episode closed on David's smiling face as he clearly was getting a kick from the dangerous situation.


The father-of-two then started seeking out dangerous situations for thrills in order to distract himself from his misery.

Viewers have watched him pick fights with random gangs on dangerous estates over the past few weeks.

And it looks like David’s thrill-seeking has escalated this week with  Corrie fans worried David was having mental health problems.

Corrie fans know that David was gutted when Shona – who’s forgotten who David was – demanded a divorce and refused to see him after being transferred to a specialist unit in Leeds.

David has experienced a number of traumatic events of the years, with the troubled character drugged and raped by Josh Tucker in 2018.

One Twitter user reacted to David's antics saying: "oh not David being a stupid prat and provoking a group of guys again. If they catch him and kick the living daylights out if him maybe he'll stop."

While another wrote: "David if he not careful something will happen to him"

A third added: "David ain't ok"

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'90 Day Fiance': Geoffrey Paschel Goes Into Detail About How TLC Pulled Off the Craziest Confrontation of the Season

It was the showdown that 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day fans had been waiting on. After being left on the cliffhanger of Varya Malina showing up at Geoffrey Paschel’s house only to find he had a new girlfriend, viewers couldn’t wait to see what happened next. When the confrontation finally ensued, it was full of so much drama that some fans thought that TLC set the whole thing up.

According to Paschel, the confrontation wasn’t staged at all and there were a lot of moving parts to make it happen.

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Geoffrey Paschel and Varya’s breakup

While visiting Malina in Russia, Paschel proposed. Unfortunately, Malina was not ready to make such a big commitment. She told Paschel that she felt like they were moving too fast. Paschel took that as a “no” and decided to end the relationship.

“The best thing for me to do is just ignore it and try to move on with my life,” he told the cameras. “I feel like she’s messing with my heart.”

Paschel moves on

When the show caught up with Paschel in the U.S., he had already moved on and started dating his friend, Mary.

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“I want to find happiness and I want somebody to find that happiness with me,” he said in a confessional. “I really do see a future with Mary so I’m hoping the closer I get with her, I’ll naturally start forgetting these feelings I had with Varya.”

After going on a date with Mary and making things official, Paschel was on his way to forgetting Malina all together.

“Maybe I didn’t need to go all the way to Russia to find love,” he said later. “Maybe Mary is my life partner.”

How TLC made the confrontation happen

Paschel had no idea that Malina was even considering coming to America to surprise him. In his mind, the relationship was over.

“This was a complete surprise 100%,” Paschel said on the Domenick Nati Show of Malina showing up on his doorstep. “I hear people say this is so staged, this is so fake. I was caught in the moment. You saw my sh*t eating grin. I didn’t know what to do.”

He and Mary had gone out to dinner the night before for her birthday. She had a little too much to drink, so Paschel let her spend the night without telling production. The next morning, the show was set to film.

“The doorbell rang and I assumed it was production because they were going to come over and film some b-roll,” he said. “They had no idea Mary was there. They had 0 idea. So there was no communication to that because they were tending to Varya you know bringing Varya out and filming Varya.

“And you know, they told me, ‘hey, we are going to be there in 30 minutes, open the gate, tye up the dogs, whatever, which I did all of that. Went back in the house, hung out talked a little bit.”

View this post on Instagram

Today was supposed to be my hearing date for the June 2019 allegations. Unfortunately, it has once again been delayed due to the pandemic. I have been very eager to go and reveal the truth surrounding the evidence in question. I have continually requested the earliest possible dates every time so that I expeditiously clear my name. I have been forced to hide under a rock and told that the “hate will just go away” if I ignored it. That is not me, and I can’t take constant accusations from people, whilst I lie in silence, any longer. . These claims are the main reason I’ve been lambasted with such vitriol. I can assure you, if any of these fables were true, I would bow out and accept responsibility. Not all is as it seems. I have been held back from defending myself, but the time has come that I stand up to the incredulous and contrived conditions that keep compounding due to the viral spread of sensationalized opinions and lazy, one sided, internet reporting—meant only for clickbait. There are unscrupulous intentions behind this endeavor to defame me and it is due to the custody situations I am currently in. Consequently, the only way for the actual truth to be known, is for me to speak out. . I am 100% categorically innocent and I cannot wait to share my trove of evidence…soon. From the onset of these allegations, there has always been an agenda with the sole purpose of sabotaging my custody battleS. There was never any sort of accusations until court proceedings were initiated. Furthermore, at no point was there any violence exhibited toward that woman or any other woman—ever. These are merely combined battles to win their selfish war. However, I will continue to fight for what is best for my children. Co-parenting seems to be a lost art when anger, resentment and jealousy are involved. My goal is to look beyond said fog and focus on what is in THEIR best interests. They are the ones that matter. . When something is wrong, no matter what it is, I will be the first defender. I should not have to change this tactic when I am involved. . Stay tuned for THE truth, I am preparing it now for my own tell-all.

A post shared by Geoffrey Paschel (@90daygeoffrey) on

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Paschel and Mary were just waiting on the crew to arrive, but what they really got was a rude awakening.

“The door bell rings,” he said. “My door panel is translucent so you can’t really see through it. You can see through it but you can’t see what’s on the other side basically. So I went to the door thinking it was production and it was Varya.”

So, all of that drama was actually pretty organic.

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'The Office': The Real Reason Toby, Ryan, and Kelly Sat in the Annex

The Office wouldn’t be The Office without Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling), Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak), and Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein).

As fans know, the trio doesn’t sit with the rest of The Office employees. They work in the annex. Kelly is the Scranton branch’s customer service, that’s where Ryan does his temp work, and Toby is human resources.

Why Kelly, Ryan, and Toby sat in the annex on ‘The Office’

At first glance, there’s no real reason why customer service, a temp, and human resources all need to work in the same area, but there was a production reason. Kaling, Novak, and Lieberstein were all both actors and writers on the show. So they sat back in the annex so they didn’t have to be on set as often as the rest of the cast. If they weren’t needed in a group shot, they could be busy writing.

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Why some of ‘The Office’ writers were also actors

On the Office Ladies podcast, Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) explained why showrunner Greg Daniels wanted some of the writers to act on the show.

“[Greg Daniels] believed that it would be a great idea for writers to have the experience of acting because it would give them a bigger appreciation of what an actor does,” Fischer said during the first episode of Office Ladies. “They really got to not just understand our jobs but they got to see us being our characters first hand. They got to see our improvisations that they would never see if they were just stuck up in the writers’ rooms.”

“It made us a cohesive show between the two departments, the writers and actors. This creative partnership,” Kinsey added. “And made me feel safe like I could try things.”

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Kaling and Novak had experience acting prior to The Office. Novak was hired to work on the show at 25 after Daniels saw him doing standup.

“Greg Daniels saw [B.J. Novak] doing standup comedy,” said Fischer. “And he thought, ‘This guy, I want this guy.’ So he offered B.J. a role as both a writer and the role of Ryan the temp on the show. And he was also the first example of that synergy of having people who were both performers and writers.”

While both Kaling and Novak weren’t strangers to performing before starring in The Office, Toby was Lieberstein’s first on-screen role. He nailed it, of course, acting as perhaps The Office‘s saddest employee who everybody loves to hate.

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Why Jamie Kennedy Mocks His 'Tremors' Movies In His Standup Act

When Jamie Kennedy takes the stage at a standup comedy club, you might think the audience there would know him from Scream or possibly his TV show The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. In his latest special, Stoopid Smart, the announcer introduces Kennedy as the star of Tremors 6. Kennedy proceeds to do more jokes about the Tremors sequels, of which he starred in 5 and 6.

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The release of Stoopid Smart coincides with Kennedy’s 50th birthday on May 25. Kennedy spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about his standup special, which is available through the month of June on Tubi.

Jamie Kennedy uses self-deprecating humor to win the audience 

Kennedy feels he has to defuse some of the tension between himself and the audience at the beginning of his set. Especially if they’re fans of his big movies like Scream, he has to take the edge off his career. 

“For me, I have a lot to do in the first five minutes because I have baggage,” Kennedy said. “So when people see me, they know me, they know from certain things so they might wonder what I’ve been doing if they haven’t folowed me as closely. If you haven’t been in a huge movie or TV show in a little while, they’re like, ‘Where’ve you been?’ but it doesn’t mean you’re not working.”

There is so much content now that new audiences might now be sure where to see Kennedy next. So he turns it into a joke. 

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“I have to come out, I kinda have to introduce myself,” Kennedy said. “I kinda have to then ingratiate myself, be self-deprecating, make them laugh, disarm them and then slowly get them on my side and then slowly, slowly bring them to my way of thinking. So it’s five things to do at once.” 

It’s a high class problem being Jamie Kennedy

Once you’re an established standup comic, and especially if you’ve been a movie and television actor too, any audience is coming to your show with expectations. In some regards, it’s easier for new comics.

“An unknown comic has to just come out and be funny,” Kennedy said. “There’s no baggage. It’s not bad, it’s not good. It is what it is but I do find you have to get them on your side and educate them, or entertain.”

Still, those are high class problems. If you’re so fortunate as to be successful in movies or on tour, Kennedy is happy to use his self-deprecating humor to break the ice.

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“Oh yeah, it is,” Kennedy agreed. “It’s not a problem but it is a little work. I’ve got to pop in and do the thing but my fans or people who follow me know me and like me. New people you have to do that for. I kind of have this persona as a fun, lovable guy who is kinda like, ‘Oh, Jamie. He’s fun. He’s like an escape.’”

The ‘Tremors 6’ joke came from real life 

Kennedy said he’s joked about other projects in previous sets, but Tremors 6 is a good reference for his current set. 

“I just think that’s such a good joke to start,” Kennedy said. “I haven’t stopped working but sometimes people wonder if they haven’t seen you in something huge, they’re like, ‘Where’ve you been?’ So then I tell them I did Tremors 6 and they’re like, ‘What? I didn’t know there was a Tremors 5.’ It’s a good way to break the ice.’”

It also speaks to the unusual phenomenon of show business. One of Kennedy’s jokes in Stoopid Smart is that people call out his credits. They wouldn’t do that to people in other professions.

“You become like a thing which is good,” Kennedy said. “You’re a thing and people come up to you so they know you as a thing I guess. I guess it’s like Dial soap walked down the street and they’re like, ‘Oh, what’s up, Dial, man? Good shower!’ That’s how they know you. They know you from stuff they saw you in. They don’t know you personally so it makes sense.”

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This Morning viewers disgusted as doctor who hasn’t showered in four years insists he doesn’t smell – The Sun

THIS Morning viewers were left disgusted as a doctor who hasn’t showered in four years insists he doesn’t smell.

Dr James Hamblin from New York told how he ditched "lotions and potions" like shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, which he claims damage your skin.

Explaining his experiment that has led to writing a book about only using water to wash, James said: "It took a while to get used to but I don't smell.

"I have asked people in a regimental way to be honest with me, but my wife says I don't smell.

"It was part of an experiment and me trying to be more minimalistic. Before you know it I haven't gone back.

"I still wash my hands but don't use body lotions, shampoo or conditioners.

"If I need to look presentable, I will wash with water. You're just wasting time and money on products.

"If you like how it makes you look and feel then go for it. You can do a lot by scrubbing with water with visible grime on your face you should be able to get it off."

But viewers thought it was disgusting, with one saying: "Dude, you *have* to use deodorant of some sort or you *will* be a minging b******."

Another added: "I bet he absolute reeks and the people he works with have no sense of smell #ThisMorning."

Someone else said: "I haven’t had a shower yet today and I don’t fresh. I suppose after a few months the smell doesn’t get any worse."

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