A reminder the Kardashians have long owned their bodies despite sl*t-shaming

You can love them or hate them, but you can’t deny the Kardashian sisters – yes, all of them – Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kylie and Kendall Jenner – have long owned their bodies.

I get you may disagree with the way in which they’ve used their bodies in the past, such as to sell diet shakes or appetite-suppressing lollipops. Or the way they just sell anything and whack their body on the advertisements. I’m not talking about that today, though.

When it comes to sl*t-shaming, nudity-shaming or just general, unnecessary, and dangerous criticism, they’re the first to clap back and own their bodies.

This was shown yet again this week when the normally quieter Kendall – who doesn’t wade into public spats with quite the same ferocity as her older sisters – hit back at trolls who suggested she was being ‘passed around’ by NBA players.

Keeping in mind she was seen with one NBA player this week after dating another one on and off for two years.

Hardly being passed around.

And didn’t Kendall know it.

Hitting back at the online slurs, she wrote: ‘They act like i’m not in full control of where i throw this cooch.’

It didn’t take long for the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to rally around the 24-year-old in support, as her younger sister Kylie, 22, initially joked: ‘Love a good cooch throw,’ before deleting the comment and simply adding: ‘Lmfao tweet of the year.’

Khloe, 35, left a series of coffin emojis as though she was ‘dead’ after Kendall laid the troll flat out with the clap back, while Kim, 39, replied with cry laughing emojis.

They’ll come for the haters who suggest they don’t work, or they’ll defend their choice to advertise some questionable products, and that’s all admirable, sure. You do you, ladies. But it’s their ownership of their bodies and their refusal to let shamers target them that I’ve got all the snaps about.

It’s not okay to throw shade on anyone for who they are or are not dating, and how many of said people – millionaire basketballers or not, I don’t care if they’re dating shelf-stackers – they have been seen with. And while I don’t agree with everything the Karjenners do, I’m all for this epic clap-backery to put the shamers in their place.

Look, the family was launched into the stratosphere via a sex tape, I know, but even Kim can have a laugh at that. And her husband can rap about it. So why does everyone have such a problem with these particular five women proudly owning their bodies?

Back in 2016, after attempting to break the internet (again) with a nude selfie that ruffled 55-year-old Piers Morgan right up the wrong way, Kim gave him what for.

She wrote: ‘Sorry I’m late to the party guys I was busy cashing my 80 million video game check & transferring 53 million into our joint account.’

Because at the end of the day, who TF cares if Kimmy wants to share a nude selfie to Instagram.

They’re also fiercely loyal to one another, one example being after Lamar Odom, 40 – who was married to Khloe – joked he knew his marriage was over ‘when she was with her second or third NBA ballplayer’.

We don’t even need to illustrate the double-standards here, but Kim was more than happy to, as she replied on Twitter: ‘Or second or third brothel.’

Or there was that time recently when someone suggested Kylie was ‘better’ aged 18 because she was ‘skinny’ – to which she simply replied: ‘I birthed a baby.’

Kourtney, 41, has also owned this sphere, birthing three babies and continuing to share epic nude selfies. While also encouraging people to own their tiger stripes as she was praised for showing off her stretch-marks in a bikini post. It’s called power.

I know it might not seem the case to a lot of people who are hate-reading these words, but I can tell you that seeing women like the Kardashians not standing for such comments can have a much bigger effect on teaching people this sort of behaviour just doesn’t fly.

Kim may potentially, nay arguably, have the most-commented on body in the history of bodies (may be a stretch, but I’m sticking to my guns). Whether it’s people loving her curves or blasting her for showing them off, I admire the cahoonies (or shall I say cacoochies?) of anyone who can continue to wade into the comments section of negativity to try and school these punters on how not to talk to someone.

People need to know the damage some of these flyaway comments – like being shamed for literally going for a ride with a guy when you’ve apparently dated someone in his same career – can have on a person when heard by vulnerable ears.

These women, worth their millions, can probably handle a trolling sentence from someone who clearly has no self-esteem. But by constantly addressing them and preaching for all the body positivity, it’s hopefully, I hope at least, showing everyone we can all take a stand.

And so long as the Kardashians, with their gazillions of eager fans tuning in, will call out these kind of shaming comments, I’ll be a cheerleader.

You can hate on them for selling tea that will relegate you to the toilet for an hour and you can disagree with their ‘fame’, but you really can’t deny they’re not about to let you body shame them or suggest they’re being ‘passed around’.

And that I thank them for.

Thank you for listening to my Ted talk.

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