Ancient Bones Found Buried Near Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's Home

Millennia-old human remains have been discovered mere feet from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s estate … and all signs point to them being early inhabitants of the area — we mean the bones, not Meghan and Harry.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office confirmed some veeeeerrrrry old bones were recently found buried on a neighboring property next to the couple’s Montecito home … this while construction crews were busy working on a landscaping gig.

The bones were buried three feet under the earth, and at this point … it’s suspected they might belong to a young indigenous person, perhaps someone from the Chumash tribe — which has ties to the Santa Barbara area dating back thousands of years.

Authorities actually think the remains may be 11,000 years old. So yeah, we’re talking way before any Euros came washing up onshore and wreaking havoc.

The Sheriff’s Dept. notes they’re consulting forensic anthropologists to make sure what they think it is is actually right … which, if true, could potentially turn into a good old-fashioned fossil dig. The Chumash people are also being looped in, it seems, but have yet to comment.

Now, it’s worth mentioning … the remains were NOT found on PH/MM’s near-$15 million property itself — but they were close by. Their place is adjacent to the road on which this was all uncovered. Kinda cool to think about — but also … kinda creepy. 💀

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