Anna Wintour has her own private TOILET at the Met Gala

EXCLUSIVE: Seat of power! Vogue’s Anna Wintour has her own private TOILET reserved at the Met Gala – and even has a security guard to watch over it so other guests can’t sneak in

  • Anna, 73, has her own bathroom that she won’t share with guests at the event
  • Security stood watch to keep potential restroom crashers out of Anna’s space
  • A source revealed that she has had her own toilet at the event ‘for years’

Anna Wintour’s glittering Met Gala is attended by some of the biggest stars in the world each year – but it seems that even the fashion industry’s most high-profile celebrities aren’t worthy of sharing in one very special element of the soiree: the Vogue editor’s very own private bathroom. 

While guests at the annual event are often seen crowding into the public toilets at the Metropolitan Museum each year – with many even taking the opportunity to snap the odd selfie with their fellow celebrities in front of the cubicles – can reveal why Anna, 73, has never been spotted amongst the bathroom-going stars. 

The event hostess has a designated toilet that is reserved solely for her use throughout the evening – an amenity that is so important to the Vogue Editor-in-Chief that she even enlists a security guard to stand watch over the bathroom and ensure that none of the other attendees can gain access. 

‘Anna has had her own designated toilet for years – she’s not one for small talk and would no doubt be ambushed by tipsy celeb fans gushing about how great she is,’ a Met Gala insider revealed. 

Anna Wintour has her own private bathroom at the Met Gala, can reveal – and even enlists a security guard to watch over it so no other guests can gain access  

In previous years, the public bathrooms at the soiree have turned into a venue for illicit selfie taking and cigarette smoking – activities that were banned under official Met Gala rules

As well as guarding 73-year-old Anna’s toilet, security at this year’s event was also tasked with ensuring nobody loitered in the bathrooms as in previous years, an inside source revealed (pictured Marc Jacobs, Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain, smoking in the toilets in 2017)

At previous Met Galas, social media snaps were strictly prohibited by Wintour – prompting several stars to retreat to the toilets in order to capture a few illicit selfies and videos without worrying about the repercussions.  

As a result, in years gone by, the museum’s gender-neutral toilets became the place to be for many guests, with social media images and videos revealing celebrities like of Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber, Dakota Johnson, and Cara Delevingne enjoying a raucous party inside the bathrooms. 

Selfie taking, gossip sessions and cigarette smoking were all common occurrences inside the less-than-glamorous public facilities.

However this year, security was tasked with ensuring none of the guests loitered in the toilets and were, the insider shared, urged to ‘move on’ anyone attempting to snap a photo or light up a cigarette during their bathroom break. 

‘It was getting out of hand; some of the biggest stars were AWOL during dinner, because they were having too much fun in the restrooms, leaving empty seats in the dining area,’ the source explained. 

But anyone hoping to try their luck at securing access to Anna’s personal toilet will have found themselves frustrated thanks to the presence of her special security. 

‘There was someone standing outside all evening, it would have been easier to get into Fort Knox than Anna’s toilet,’ the source revealed. has reached out to Anna’s spokesperson for comment.  

Past Met Galas have seen dozens of stars kicking back in the bathrooms, including the likes of Bella Hadid, Lara Stone, Paris Jackson and Ruby Rose who are seen in 2017

This year’s event saw the once-strict regulations surrounding social media relaxed – with Instagram even hosting a table of guests  

Last night’s Met Gala was attended by a swathe of celebrities – and seemed to herald a marked change in the once-strict regulations regarding social media posts. 

In 2015, it was revealed that Anna had banned all selfie-taking and social media at the soiree – a rule that was quickly flouted by many of the A-star attendees. 

Over the years, those strict restrictions have become increasingly lax, and at recent Met Galas, Instagram has even hosted a table at the event – suggesting that a social media ban would be all but impossible to enforce. 

The social media giant, which is owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta, pulled in several big names for the night, with Doja Cat, The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey, Ashley Graham, and Jessica Chastain all seated at Instagram’s table for the evening. 

Other guests at this year’s event included Kim Kardashian, Cardi B – and pregnant pop star Rihanna, who was the final celebrity to arrive on the red carpet, turning up around two hours after the arrivals were meant to have concluded. 

And the 35-year-old was not the only mom-to-be in attendance at this year’s gala. 

Both Karlie Kloss and Serena Williams used the high-profile event as the perfect opportunity to reveal their own surprise pregnancy news, with both women turning up on the red carpet with growing baby bumps on full display. 

Speaking to influencer Emma Chamberlain during a red carpet interview, Karlie, 30, opened up about the ‘special’ and ‘vulnerable’ reveal, admitting that she hadn’t been entirely sure how to dress her bump for the evening. 

‘I don’t know how to style a belly,’ she said, explaining that she was last pregnant during the pandemic and therefore didn’t need to dress her bump up for a red carpet.

Meanwhile, Serena, who attended with husband Alexis Ohanian, set tongues wagging when she showed off her own bump on the red carpet – before confirming the news of her pregnancy in an Instagram post, which she playfully captioned: ‘Was so excited when Anna Wintour invited the 3 of us to the Met Gala.’

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