Anti-Vaxxer Kills Wife, 3 Kids, & Himself After Getting Caught Forging Fake Vaccine Card

A German anti-vaxxer allegedly killed his entire family before dying of apparent suicide after getting busted making his wife a fake vaccine card.

According to reports, the bodies of David R., his wife Linda, both 40, and their three daughters — Leni, 10, Janni, 8, and Rubi, 4 — were found at their Senzig home on Saturday when a neighbor spotted one of the bodies through a window.

Police determined that all five were shot dead, with each child killed in her own bedroom. They found a gun at the scene, which they believe was obtained illegally, as neither the husband nor wife held a firearms permit. There was no evidence of forced entry, a struggle, or any other parties. However, officials were clued into the motive behind the massacre when they found a suicide note handwritten by the father, according to Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon.

In the letter, the vocational school teacher explained his wife’s employers at the Technical University in nearby Wildau had found out he made her a fake COVID vaccine card. David claimed that school officials said they intended to pursue the case “with the utmost rigor,” per Bild. The teacher noted in the letter he feared he’d be arrested and that his children would be taken away from him, but he didn’t say if his wife shared his fears.

Mayor of Königs Wusterhausen Michaela Wiezorek addressed the tragedy in a statement obtained by the Berliner Kurier, saying:

“This tragedy leaves me stunned. First and foremost, your deepest sympathy goes to relatives, friends and acquaintances. But you also think of all the emergency services who would have performed their tasks on site and now have to deal with this event.”

While German legislators are currently considering a vaccine mandate for some jobs, workers in the country are currently required by law to show employers either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. Fake vaccine passports can reportedly be obtained in Berlin for €250 ($280). They come with a false doctor’s stamp, signature and Biontech stickers, which are usually taken from garbage cans at vaccination centers. Both sellers and buyers are open to prosecution.

As for this man’s specific legal fears, criminal law specialist Alexander Pabst said chances are highly unlikely they would come to fruition. He explained the father would have likely been fined, and that his wife’s job may have been under threat; however, a prison sentence was less likely, and his children almost certainly wouldn’t have been taken away. The crime expert told Bild:

“We are talking about a forgery of documents. The legislature provides for a fine or imprisonment of up to five years for them. BUT: In the case of the R. family, a maximum of a fine would have been expected. The amount would have been calculated according to the father’s income… Of course there are labor law consequences for him. I cannot say whether the woman would have been terminated.”

In other words, this man killed himself and his entire family for nothing. Completely devastating.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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