Ariel Winter’s Boyfriend Gifts Her With A Romantic Picnic On Her 23rd Birthday: ‘I Love You So Much’

Due to lockdown, Ariel Winter’s boyfriend Luke Benward planned a romantic date at home to celebrate the actress’ 23rd birthday, with a picnic on the rooftop deck of their house.

This is how long the COVID-19 lockdown has been going on in Southern California: Actress Ariel Winter celebrated boyfriend Luke Benward‘s May 12, 2020 birthday with a drive-by party so friends could give him their best wishes while still social distancing from their cars. Eight long months later, the tables are turned, with Luke helping Ariel celebrate turning 23 via a rooftop picnic at their Los Angeles area home. With restaurants, bars and other venues still closed due to the pandemic, the actor brought a romantic meal for two to their deck.

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Ariel turned 23 on Jan. 28, and Luke shared two Instagram photos of their quarantine party for two. With cloudy skies above them, he had a blanket laid out on their rooftop deck and appeared to have made some type of roast beef and cheese sandwiches on large, tasty looking slices of bread. The pair could be seen seated and passionately kissing in the photo with their sammies in front of them, along with a bag of Cheetos and bottled water.

Both Ariel and Luke were bundled up for the winter chill, with the former Modern Family star wearing a black long sleeved sweater and grey sweat pants. Luke, 25, played clone couple by also wearing grey sweats, which he paired with a subdued blue and green tie-dyed sweatshirt.

Luke wrote in the caption, “A birthday picnic for my bunny:))))). I love you so much. You are so life giving and such a beautiful soul. The world needs what you have to offer and so do I love another year around the sun with you and it feels so good 🙂 happy birthday buns I love you.” Ariel shared the photo of the pair’s kiss filled picnic to her Instagram stories and wrote, “I love this man. 23 is off to a great start.” Ariel and Luke have been together for over a year now, as they started dating in Dec. 2019.

Ariel Winter threw boyfriend Luke Benward a drive-by birthday party on May 12, 2020 amid the COVID-19 home lockdown. She had their friends drive past their home and wave via social distancing, while a few face-masked pals were handed Krispy Kreme donuts. Photo credit: Osvaldo / BACKGRID.

With social distancing, gatherings limited to only close family members, and bar and restaurant closures (except for take-out) still in effect due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic in California, Ariel had a quiet birthday night at home with TV and her boyfriend planned. Until she discovered her favorite show was going to be a repeat! Ariel was initially just happy to have a new episode of NBC’s Law & Order: SVU on to watch for her birthday evening. But sadly, even that home birthday enjoyment was dashed. Fun fact, Ariel guest-starred in an Oct. 2019 episode of the show as a young rape victim trying to remember details about her attackers.

The pretty blonde shared an Instagram story video on Jan. 27 showing her looking frustrated, sad and shaking her head while upset. On the pulsating video she wrote, “Just found out that there is NOT a new episode of Law & Order: SVU on tomorrow night & tomorrow is my birthday SOOOOO…..excuse me while I make new birthday plans.” With so many options for going out still not available for Angelenos, it really is the little things at home that can make a big difference.

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