Ben Barnes’ Zodiac Sign Makes Him A Faithful Partner

If you’re obsessed with Shadow and Bone right now, first of all, same. But chances are a not-so-small portion of that that has to do with one very handsome and — let’s just go with mysterious — General Kirigan, played by the "so handsome it hurts” Ben Barnes. Even when he’s playing the, ahem, morally ambiguous Kirigan, Barnes has an irresistible charisma that means you just can’t help but be drawn to his character. This makes perfect sense when you consider Ben Barnes’ zodiac sign.

Barnes was born Aug. 20, 1981, under the sign of Leo. Much like their ruling heavenly body, the Sun, Leo has an almost gravitational pull to those around them, which takes the form of a natural warmth and charisma that people can’t help but be charmed by. It comes from Leo’s innate confidence and optimism and it makes them a joy to be around. It also makes them an even better partner, because although Leo has its pick of potential suitors, they also have a very powerful sense of loyalty, so when you have their heart they’re as faithful and loving as they come.

Typically, Leo loves to show off their partner, as they think they’re amazing and that reflects well on them. However, Leo is also very protective of the people they care about, so in the case where increased scrutiny by the public eye isn’t healthy for their partner or their relationship, they may choose to keep their private life private, as Barnes does. But here’s what we can guess about what he’s like as a partner based on his zodiac sign.

Leo wants a best friend and a lover.

Leo thrives in a relationship and isn’t afraid of commitment. That’s because the kind of person they want to be with is someone who makes settling down easy. They’re looking for a true companion, someone who’s both their bestie and their lover. They need someone they can spend lazy days with giggling or just enjoying comfortable and cozy silences with. Leo’s also very passionate and wants a playmate for the bedroom, too. Nothing makes Leo feel better than to hear they’re the greatest in any sense, but particularly in the bedroom, and they’re more than happy to put in the work to earn that praise.

Leo enjoys a lot of love and attention.

If there’s one thing Leo never tires of, it’s hearing how amazing they are. They live for praise and adoration and are happy to give it right back. They’re emotionally generous and affectionate and they crave the kind of connection where you can’t keep your eyes and hands off of them. It’s important to Leo that they’re respected and looked up to, and the quickest way to turn them off is to be disdainful or dismissive. They have very high standards for themselves and the way they deserve to be treated. The good news is that they give as much as they expect to get.

Leo has a very fragile ego.

While Leo radiates confidence, they have a very fragile ego. You can’t put yourself up on such a high pedestal without fear of getting knocked down. As such, it’s important to be careful with your words to Leo and never use personal attacks in an argument. Those cut deep and Leo has trouble forgiving insults, let alone forgetting them. That doesn’t mean you can’t give them honest, loving, and constructive feedback. It’s just that a pattern of disrespect and lack of adoration will lead this typically faithful and trustworthy sign to start looking for other options that can meet their emotional needs.

Leos like Barnes may be a bit sensitive about their egos, but they ultimately make for truly wonderful partners because they generally have hearts of gold. The jury may be out on his Shadow and Bone character, but Barnes himself is totally celebrity crush-worthy.

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