Britney Spears Runs Away To 'Work On' Herself! See Her First Birthday Vacation Pics!

The pandemic is worse than ever, so we really don’t recommend going on a vacation any time soon… that being said, if anyone deserves a getaway, it’s Britney Spears.

If you’ve been following the #FreeBritney movement, you know the pop star has been locked in an ugly legal battle with her dad Jamie Spears for more control over her life amidst her conservatorship. And while she recently experienced a setback in that department, she got a taste of freedom with her birthday getaway to Maui alongside boyfriend Sam Asghari.

The Lucky singer shared a few vacay pics on Instagram Monday, the first we’ve seen in an awfully long time for the singer. They were quite the refreshing change of pace from Brit’s typical posts lately, which have been basically the couple poses, in the same two spots in her living room or backyard, in the same outfits over and over. It was enough to cause stans to worry she was being imprisoned in her own home — and there was the even wilder theory she wasn’t even really the one posting them all!

But these new pics should put those conspiracy theories to bed as this absolutely looks like a brand new Brit on a brand new adventure.

Alongside a pic of her and her man outside their private plane, she explained with a caption:

“Felt like a little trip to paradise for an early birthday celebration !!!!!!!!! @samasghari”

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Britney’s birthday isn’t until December 2 btw, so this is very early!

She also posted a pic from inside the plane, looking as relaxed and casual as we’ve seen her recently. She captioned the shot:

“I’m doing that whole work on yourself thing at the moment !!! PS … I wanted to get creative !!!”

Yasss! We love that she’s using the opportunity to “work on” herself! What a mature way to look at it. So far from the party girl persona of the mid 2000s that got her locked into the conservatorship in the first place. Just sayin’.

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Finally, she shared another pic with her body building beau, writing:

“We be like …… in Maui !!!! PS …. don’t mind my hair !!!! @samasghari”

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Most of her snaps were indoors, but luckily Sam provided a glimpse of their gorgeous Maui view on his own IG:

Oh, and his amazing legs…

Seems like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday if you ask us! Enjoy, girl — you deserve it!

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