Cassidy Timbrooks Explained the Story Behind That "F*ck Clayton" Video That Leaked

Now that her exit from The Bachelor is *officially* official, Cassidy Timbrooks is setting the record straight about certain leaked videos of her that have been making the rounds online since her villain arc began playing out on national television.

In case you haven’t been following the social media side of Cassidy’s Bachelor saga, the videos in question featured her seeming to lean hard into her villain persona. In one, she talked about the pitfalls of modern dating in a general sense and joked about her future as an influencer, but in the one that gained more attention, she very directly called out Clayton Echard for the hypocrisy of offering Salley Carson a rose just days after her ended engagement and then taking back her group date rose after learning she’d casually hooked up with someone shortly before coming on the show. During the video, Cassidy says “f*ck Clayton,” so the clip (naturally) became known as the “f*ck Clayton” video.

Reality Steve shared the video on Twitter earlier this month:

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