Chris Christie Not Intubated Despite Report on His COVID-19 Battle

A journalist, who previously wrote a book on the former New Jersey governor, clarifies that the politician does not need a ventilator to help him breathe in the hospital.

AceShowbiz -With very little official updates on Chris Christie’s condition since he checked into the hospital following his positive COVID-19 diagnosis, there has been rampant speculation about his health. The latest that was shared on Twitter gave an indication that his condition’s not good.

“Chris Christie is in ICU and reported to be put on a ventilator,” read the tweet from a Twitter user who claimed to have heard the news from two sources and confirmed it with a third source. The same user said that Christie did not voluntarily check into the hospital.

“just a reminder that Christi’s claim that he checked himself in is false. morristown Memorial requires a referral just to get a Covid test. What do you think they require to be hospitalized for Covid?” the user wrote in another post.

A Twitter user reported on Chris Christie’s condition amid COVID-19 battle.

When people questioned who the sources were, the said user defended her claim on Christie’s condition. “Hey girl have you ever heard of an anonymous source? As stated exhaustively in the comments a source came to me with this, shortly after I heard it from a second source, and I went to confirm it with a third,” she stressed.

The user repeated it in another tweet in response to a comment doubting the accountability of her information. “Two sources came to me and I went to a third because I have like I said multiple friends and media and we talk about these things,” she insisted. “I find it really strange that people don’t understand that people have friends who tell them things.”

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When she was presssed on the veracity of her statement, she eventually shared, “My sources are anonymous. 2 are media, 1 is not.”

Learning of the wild speculation on Twitter, journalist Matt Katz has taken to his own page to clarify the news. The author, who previously wrote “AMERICAN GOVERNOR: Chris Christie’s Bridge to Redemption”, debunked the report that stated Christie’s put on ventilator.

“@GovChristie is NOT on a ventilator,” he said. “This is false info spreading on twitter. I’ve spoken to multiple people who’ve been on the phone with the governor daily after he was admitted to Morristown Medical Center for testing Covid+. They say he’s in good spirits & getting good care.”

Katz went on noting that previously there was a false report on Christie, though it’s not related to his COVID-19 battle. “This is a day after @jaketapper had to dispel other fake news about @GovChristie spreading from a non-journalist without citation on twitter,” he wrote, sharing the original tweet which read, “I asked Gov Christie about this viral tweet and he says it’s ‘completely false’ and that Biden’s stutter ‘never came up as a subject’ in debate prep.”

Journalist Matt Katz debunked report that Christie’s put on ventilator.

Christie is one of several people who tested positive for COVID-19 after spending time with President Donald Trump‘s inner circle. He was admitted into Morristown Medical Center on Saturday, October 3 as a precaution because of his history with asthma. Hospital has not commented on his condition since HIPAA protects his privacy.

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