Dan Walker: BBC host speaks out after viewers blast him for being ‘in No10’s ‘pocket’

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Dan Walker, 43, has blasted viewers after receiving mixed criticism of his BBC Breakfast interviews with government ministers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He pointed out how each statement contradicts that of another viewer’s, sighing as he recognised it’s just a day in the life of a telly presenter.

Another ‘normal’ morning on #BBCBreakfast after interviewing the Health Secretary

Dan Walker

Taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations, the BBC star used various quotes from insults he’d received over the past few months.

“‘Obviously a leftie’ v ‘in the government’s pocket,'” he wrote.

“‘Scaremonger’ v ‘virus-denier’, ‘stop interrupting!’ v ‘why aren’t you interrupting?’

“Another ‘normal’ morning on #BBCBreakfast after interviewing the Health Secretary.

He added his usual cheery message: “Thanks for watching #MondayMotivation.”

Alongside the post he shared a black and white photo of himself hiding behind the morning’s scripts, looking wide-eyed.

But his loyal fanbase had his back, rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts and support.

One encouraged: “You will never please everyone, I know you know that! Just keep doing your thing and being you! I definitely couldn’t do your job! Fancy teaching my 8 and 9 year olds????”

“Don’t you ever think about just turning off the alarm and hiding under the duvet?” a second joked.

A third said: “They get exactly the same & more on “the other side”..some people need to grow up & shouldn’t be allowed to watch tv!! #ignorethemuppets.”

“The unbalanced opinion of you .. sort of confirms you must therefore, be balanced,” a fourth suggested.

Someone else urged Dan to focus on the bigger news involving Matt Hancock’s outfits.

“Can you please ask him next time, what’s the significance of his pink ties? It’s something we all need to know,” they giggled.

During the tense interview with the Health Secretary yesterday morning, Dan had to halt the chat as he was repeatedly dissatisfied with his answers.

Quizzing him over the Oxford vaccine in conjunction with AstraZeneca and social distancing rules for Christmas, the BBC host became irritated when Mr Hancock dodged questions about what the result of a relaxation of rules could mean for the public.

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The government minister revealed vaccinations could begin as soon as next month subject to regulatory approval as Dan prompted the question people wanted to know.

He remarked: “What I’m interested in is you talk a lot about the science around the vaccine this morning, there are several scientists who make the point that some people will lose their lives if there is a relaxation of the rules around Christmas. Do you think that’s the case?”

Hancock replied: “I hope the plans we’ve agreed with the devolved authorities – the reason I won’t give an answer on exactly what the rules will be, I know people want to know that – is we want to agree on them right across the UK.

“So many people travel and have families in different parts of the UK… the four different local devolved authorities, we want to get them agreed together.

“They’ve got to be balanced, cautious and careful but also, everybody knows Christmas is the most important holiday of the year, it’s a time when people really want to be with their family.”

But after Hancock dodged his questions, Dan refused to move on until the Health Secretary addressed the concerns of viewers.

“And people will appreciate that, but I was asking you about the scientific feeling for many coming forward that people will die if those measures are released over Christmas – your thoughts please Mr Hancock?” he demanded to know but was met with a vague response yet again.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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