David Arquette Hopes Hayden Panettiere Returns For ‘Scream 5′

David Arquette is hoping that Hayden Panettiere returns for the upcoming Scream 5.

The 48-year-old actor opened up in a new interview about the possibility of seeing Hayden reboot her role as Kirby Reed in the movie.

“I love Hayden,” David shared with HollywoodLife. “I think she’s a tremendous person and actress, and I’d love to see her back.”

If you recall, Hayden‘s Kirby was last seen in the film series as she was bleeding out after being stabbed by Charlie. However, Kirby’s body was never found, so she could very well be alive and kicking.

Scream 5 has added a few new faces to the movie, including In The Heights star Melissa Barrera.

You can see what else David shared about reuniting with ex-wife Courteney Cox for the film here!

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