Dr. Ruth tells parents to stop fighting in front of kids during coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Ruth has an urgent message for America’s parents.

The legendary sex expert called us up over the weekend because she wanted The Post to help her tell moms and dads to stop arguing in front of their children during the COVID-19 crisis — because she’s worried about kids’ anxiety.

“I want to make sure parents know if they have disagreements, how frightened children can be. Children can be very afraid that their parents are going to divorce.”

The 91-year-old — who was a kindergarten teacher before, as she put it, “started talking about orgasm and erections” — said that kids are already anxious because “they’ve never been in a situation where the schools are closed and they can’t go to the playground.”

“If you have to argue, set your alarm for 1 a.m. and argue then,” she said, quipping, “Anyway, even if you want to get a divorce, you can’t — the courts are all closed.”

Dr. Ruth said, “I promise great sex to anyone who puts their children’s anxiety first.”

Meanwhile, the doctor said that she wants The Post to make sure all this is over by October, because she’s due to travel to Ben Gurion University in Israel to receive an honorary doctorate. We’re on it!

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